September 19, 2021

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Bolivia’s president calls on armed forces to consolidate democracy

Bolivia’s President Louis Arsன்றுn on Saturday called on the armed forces to regain public confidence and restore democracy in the country after the 2019 coup.

The President stressed that “the armed forces must regain the confidence of the people in order to unify cultural democracy, free from racial, oppression and discrimination, and to advance a colonized, patriarchal state.”

Referring to the conspiracy against the real government led by Evo Morales and Jenin Áñez, the head of state ruled that the unconstitutional conduct of some soldiers did not represent the values ​​and policies of the armed forces.

“The latest coup in November 2019, some bad soldiers contributed against the majority sentiment of the armed forces, attempts to re-establish the military establishment, massacres that affected our people and hurt the feelings of the people,” President Ars clarified. .

During this period, the president stressed that the military system was beginning a phase of restructuring, “waiting for the people to walk together.

“The armed forces must not again be part of a coup or a constitutional coup, they must not be under the command of any hegemonic force or receive weapons or ammunition from other countries to oppress the Bolivian people,” the president said.

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