November 29, 2021

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Bolzano: 9 charges against Brazilian president for managing epidemic

Senate Institute

Govind’s final CBI report was read in the Senate on Wednesday.

“Crimes against humanity, deadly epidemic, violation of health measures, medical cookery and incitement to crime”, in addition to four criminal charges: Serious allegations against a president for handling the corona virus crisis.

The Brazilian Senate Commission this Wednesday released a detailed document with the results of an investigation into possible crimes by the Jair Bolsanaro government in managing the Govt-19 epidemic in Brazil. The country with the highest death toll from corona next to the United States.

In particular, the Commission condemns it Paulsonaro suffered “crimes against humanity.” By denying the infection, one of the things they pointed out was exacerbating the incidence of the disease in the country.

That is why the committee responsible for the report recommends President of Brazil, his four ministers and 61 others To face criminal charges.

Jair Bolzano in Brasilia.


Jair Bolzano denies making any mistake.

Bolzano denied that he had committed any wrongdoing, and in the first reaction to the release of the report, he and his government did not accuse him of “absolutely nothing” in connection with the worsening of the epidemic in Brazil.

We know we did the right thing From the beginning, “the president said this Wednesday at a ceremony to improve health infrastructure in the municipality of Rassa in northeastern Brazil.

The report will be voted on by 11 members next week.

What the report says

The report blames the government Deliberately infecting Brazilians By acting slowly.

He pointed out that he had reduced the effectiveness of vaccines, instead of one A high-risk strategy aimed at building flock immunity To keep the economy going.

Named include Ministers, Ex-Ministers, And Politicians, Including three Sons Of Bolzano.

They are also charged with prejudice, fraud, forgery of public documents, misappropriation of public funds and assault on the dignity of the office.

The document is As a result of working for more than six months, Hundreds of hours of witnesses and thousands of documents seek to clarify the Brazilian government’s response to the Covit-19 epidemic, which has already killed more than 600,000 people in Brazil.

Brazil is one of the most affected and dying countries of Govt-19 disease.


Brazil is one of the most affected and dying countries of Govt-19 disease.

These allegations are supported by information obtained by a parliamentary committee, which imposes them on public health Remedies without proven effectiveness against Govt According to Efe, even serious suspicions of corruption in the negotiations for vaccines.

This was also considered Bolzano repeatedly violated measures banning the crowd and imposing the use of masks, Promoting chloroquine in official texts and using large public resources to obtain it.

“In conclusion, by emphasizing that the only policy to combat the disease is‘ initial treatment ’, Bolzano worked hard to spread the Covit-19 in Brazil Moreover, it was shown to be the main responsibility for the mistakes of the government, ”the report said.

Changes in draft text

The commission’s spokesman, Renan Calheiros, prepared an initial report of 1,178 pages, which was discussed throughout the day by members of the Senate.

Includes initial draft rules Genocide and the worst murderHowever, the commission decided to withdraw the charge from the final speech. Telling the president about these two crimes created division in the committee.

Brazilian senators

Senate Institute

There were tense moments in the commission when questioning witnesses.

In an interview with BBC News Brazil, Calheiros confirmed he was offering one Condemns Bolzano In view International Criminal Court (ICC) Based on In the hack, Netherlands.

Corruption after corruption

Analyze Katie Watson, BBC South America Reporter

The last-minute changes in the report are a model of how the political environment in Brazil is being charged.

Over the past six months, Brazilians have been more vigilant about the investigation that revealed corruption after the scandal, and no one on the left or right has any doubt that this has hurt Jair Bolsanaro’s popularity.

Yet his supporters say he has political motives. But for those who are angry at how the president has handled the epidemic, they want the charges to be serious and justice to be served.

The original allegations of total murder and tribal genocide were removed from the report because there was no consensus.

Instead, they were replaced by the crime of “contagion as a result of death,” as well as other charges including crimes against humanity and embezzlement of public funds.

There are 11 senators as part of the investigation, seven of whom are critical of President Bolzano.


The Brazilian president has repeatedly questioned the vaccine against the virus, which has affected more than 21 million people and killed hundreds of thousands in his country.

Aerial view of the Vila Formosa Cemetery in Sao Paulo.

Getty Images

It’s more, Proud that Paulsonaro was not vaccinated, Indicates that your immune system is strong enough to fight the corona virus.

What else Has consistently opposed control measures And other restrictions, arguing that the damage to the economy could be worse than the effects of the corona virus.

He also told the Brazilians “Stop whining” By circumstance.

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