January 19, 2021

CDC says all UK air travelers to the US need negative Govt tests due to exposure to the bizarre virus

All air travelers from the United Kingdom must test for Covit-19 before departure after identifying the new corona virus strain in the UK.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention announced the change late Thursday, saying in a statement that President Donald Trump will sign the order into force on Monday.

“Public health officials in the United Kingdom recently announced the discovery of a new variant of SARS-CoV-2.” The CDC said in a statement. “Preliminary analysis in the UK suggests that this new variant may be 70 per cent more contagious than the variations previously in circulation.”

A similar requirement for negative tests already exists in practice for many travelers leaving the United States. Delta Airlines, Virgin Atlantic and British Airways claim passengers on Monday Need to test for negativity In response to a request from the New York government, Andrew Cuomo, John F. Kennedy of New York. For corona virus before boarding at Kennedy International Airport.

“This additional testing requirement will strengthen our security to improve the health and safety of the American people and ensure a responsible international journey,” the CDC said.

Dozens of countries, including Canada, France, Germany, Israel, Iran and Colombia, suspended flights from the UK earlier this week, reflecting global concerns about infectious virus mutations that are more contagious than other types.

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The UK government imposed tough new restrictions last weekend after scientists said a new corona virus variant was spreading too fast. On Wednesday, the British government recently announced the discovery of another variant in two persons traveling from South Africa, which further heightened concern.

The CDC said evidence of a negative result of the test “no more than 72 hours before departure” would be required. It will be up to the airlines to confirm the results before boarding, and boarding should be denied if any passengers choose not to take a test, the CDC said.