September 19, 2021

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Chinese parliament rejects US law setting aside technical cooperation

China’s National People’s Congress (NPC) today rejected and predicted the failure of a US law promoting competition against Beijing over technology instead of cooperation.

The organisation’s foreign affairs committee expressed deep dissatisfaction with the report and considered another step to intervene to stem the Asian country’s growth.

He denounced Washington for exaggerating the theory of the Chinese threat as an attempt to maintain its hegemony and provoke the Cold War.

“As the world enters a period of turmoil and change, the practice of viewing China as an imaginary enemy is contrary to the general trend,” the panel said in its speech.

He reiterated that US law is full of “lies and ideological prejudices”, reiterated Beijing’s commitment to peaceful development, and opposed the visit of three U.S. lawmakers to Taiwan.

The day before, the U.S. Senate approved the law with a 68-32 vote, allocating more than $ 170 billion to research and technology development, with the idea of ​​encouraging local companies to manufacture semiconductors in that country.

The move comes in the wake of allegations against Beijing over industrial spying and threats to national security, which have not yet been proven.

It last week extended restrictions on U.S. companies doing business with 59 companies from China, including Hawaii.

In this context, the East is discussing a provision to protect its companies from foreign sanctions.

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