January 19, 2021

Corona virus vaccines are not delivered as quickly as planned

Russia counts 29,900 new cases, a daily high

Russian authorities on Thursday announced 29,935 new corona virus cases, a daily increase in the number of infections.

This is almost 2,700 more infections than the previous day. Russia is home to the world’s fourth-largest corona virus case, with more than 2.9 million total. The government’s corona virus task force has recorded a total of more than 53,000 deaths.

Russia has been hit hard by the rapid rise of this fall, with confirmed Govt-19 infections and deaths significantly higher than reported in the spring. Authorities opposed the protest with all available police forces, special services and the army. “

Earlier this month, the mass vaccination against Govt-19 began with Sputnik V in Russia – a domestically developed corona virus vaccine that is undergoing more advanced studies among the tens of thousands of people needed to ensure its safety and effectiveness. Russia was widely criticized for approving the Spatnik V regulation in August, testing it on only a few dozen people.

Taiwan EVA Air fined pilot $ 35,000 after blaming Govt for infection

Taiwan’s Transport Ministry has fined EVA Airways Corp $ 1 million (000 35,000) after the government indicted one of its pilots in a domestically-spread Govt-19 case for failing to follow disease control rules.

Taiwan has not reported a local outbreak since April 12 this week, thanks to early and effective moves to prevent the virus, including wearing a face mask and severe isolation for all visitors.

But the government was stifled by the announcement on Tuesday of a woman’s domestic infection, a friend of the New Zealand pilot.

EVA Air has fired an unnamed and hospitalized pilot.

The case has provoked public outrage following the government’s claim that he did not disclose all of his contacts and whereabouts and did not wear a mask on the cockpit.

Israel imposes third national COVID-19 lockout

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Thursday that Israel would impose a third national lockout to fight the Govt-19 epidemic.

The ban will last for 14 days from Sunday evening, with final cabinet approval pending, a report from Netanyahu’s office said.

These restrictions include closing shops, limited public transportation, partial closure of schools and a one-kilometer restriction on travel from home, in addition to going to open workplaces and purchasing essentials.

According to the Christian minority in Israel, the Ministry of Health says that during Christmas, prayers in places of worship are limited to 10 people in closed spaces and 100 in open spaces.

Israel, with a population of nine million, has so far recorded more than 385,000 Govt-19 and 3,150 deaths from the virus. On Wednesday, the Ministry of Health announced the discovery of four people infected with a new variant of the corona virus that was released in the UK.

A new virus variant appears in Nigeria

Another new variant of the corona virus appears to have surfaced in Nigeria, Africa’s top public health official said on Thursday, but added that further investigation is needed.

The discovery could add a new alarm to epidemics after similar variations are announced in the UK and South Africa, leading to a quick reversal of international travel restrictions and other measures as the world enters a major holiday season.

“This is a separate legacy from the UK and South Africa,” John Nkenkason, head of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Africa, told reporters. The Nigerian CDC and the African Center for the Genomics of Infectious Diseases in that country – Africa’s most populous – said more samples would be analyzed.

“Give us some time … this is just the beginning,” he said.

The warning about the apparent new variation was based on two or three genetic sequences, but he said, but last week South Africa’s warning was enough to trigger an emergency meeting of the Africa CDC this week.

California was the first state to file 2 million Govt cases

California saw more than 2 million Govt-19 cases, with NBC News counting as the first state to do so late Wednesday.

More than 2,015,960 cases have been confirmed across the state since the outbreak began this year and more than 23,600 have died.

According to that figure, California currently has the fastest growing number of Govt-19 cases in the country. Almost the entire state is under Rules for staying at home. Last week, California reported an average of more than 43,000 cases a day, according to NBC News Statistics.

There are more than 1.2 million cases in Florida and more than 1.6 million cases in Texas, according to NBC News.

How the epidemic affects children with special needs

LA Mayor’s daughter, 9, tests negative for virus week after positive result

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Corsetti tested his 9-year-old daughter negative for the corona virus on Wednesday, a week after she tested positive.

Corsetti said he was relieved by the negative test, but for many homes, the effect was worse. On the same day at the video address he saw the Los Angeles County Govt-19 breaking the daily record for deaths.

“We know this emergency is our darkest day, perhaps the darkest day in our city’s history,” Corsetti said.

Los Angeles County Health Department Wednesday Announced The highest number of new deaths and hospitalizations since the onset of the epidemic was 145 deaths and 6,155 admitted to Govt-19 Hospital. The role of experiments Returns positive Has grown by more than 16 percent.

Corsetti urged people to cancel any plans to visit loved ones. Despite the positive news about vaccines, the mayor said: “This is no reason to lower our security. There is no reason to build a Christmas wave on a Thanksgiving wave that has already overwhelmed us.”

An Insight into the Govt Ethics of Arkansas University Basketball

Colorado begins vaccinating workers in the prison system

DENVER – Colorado’s prison system has begun vaccinating its workers.

Department of Corrections spokeswoman Annie Skinner said Wednesday that the focus is on leading health workers to vaccinate in state prisons. But he adds that other prison workers have also received shots to avoid wasting any amount while some prisons remain.

Skinner says other prison workers who have yet to be vaccinated include inmates admitted to the hospital and prisoners.

He did not immediately have an account of how many prison workers had received the shots so far.

California’s next senator’s top priority ‘Govt, Govt, Govt’

Govt-19 patient kills fellow Govt-19 patient at California hospital, officials say

A man treated for Govit-19 is said to have killed a fellow Govt-19 patient at a hospital in California last week.

Jesse Martinez, 37, was charged on Dec. 17 with assaulting his 82-year-old hospital roommate with an oxygen tank on charges of murder, hate crime development and senior abuse.

Martinez was upset when the victim began to pray, According to To the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department.

Both are patients at Antelope Fence Hospital in Lancaster, 70 miles north of Los Angeles.

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