October 24, 2021

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Corona virus: WHO predicts month and year to control Govt-19 infection | The world

Director of the Department of Public Health, Environment and Climate Change , Maria Nira, spoke with Spanish radio station RAC1 about when the infection is new. .

The doctor promised that the health crisis could be controlled March 2022, Until vaccination is achieved in countries with low vaccine coverage.

Identity: The WHO says corona virus infection has dropped dramatically in the world

“Two years is a time when we can set ourselves up. It’s definitely going to be a fair time., He said.

However, he described the minor Biology is available In some countries, it emphasizes, “We must all get out of the epidemic together.” WHO forced call.

In fact, the director of the organization, Tetros Adanom Capreius, He said that: “The shocking inequality in the global distribution of vaccines is a stain on our collective conscience.”.

He emphasized that the decision was not a signal of a formal antitrust inquiry into the allegations NormalIt is important to learn from the health crisis and be better.

“I hope the results start to be more and more, but we need to be better when we get out of the epidemic. Do not forget these lessons”.

In this sense, the expert said it is necessary to avoid past mistakes and live with the new nature New habits, Changing “Our consumption patterns, production and lifestyle, thus our health is highly protected”.

WHO Director Maria Nira has promised that the epidemic will end in 2022. (Photo: EFE).

Regarding the third dose for the general public, he explained that this is an issue for the WHO It can wait Until the vast majority of the world’s population is vaccinated, we must wait, among other things, for more scientific evidence of the real need for such use.

“Third dose, for now we can postpone it until more scientific evidence and 40% of the world’s population receive the first dose”, Highlighted and clarified, for now, they only need it Patients with immunodeficiency.

Epidemic in the world

According to AFP figures, they have been infected in China since the beginning of the new corona virus outbreak, by the end of 2019. 225,728,950 At least 4,646,416 people have died worldwide. Nevertheless, the WHO says the reserve could be two to three times higher if the excess mortality associated with Covid-19 is taken into account.

However, there have been deaths from infections worldwide in the past week. According to WHO data, positive cases are down 17% in the United States, 16% in South Asia, 15% in Africa and the Middle East, 5% in Europe and 8% in East Asia.


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