November 29, 2021

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Costa Rican lawyers including justice in climate change

The maids of the vast majority of the living carbon stocks that need to be protected to maintain global climate stability are at the Alvarato Round Table Crisis Future Climate and Environmental Justice Reform?

At an event organized by the Institute for Development Studies at the University of Sussex, the Costa Rican president pointed out that there is a great challenge in including these people in environmental protection policies and funding to combat climate change.

Alvarado, who graduated with a degree in development from the University of Sussex, told participants at the United Nations Conference on Climate Change that “greater commitment, funding and responsibility from world leaders is needed to bring about real climate change.” Climate change (COP26) in Glasgow, Scotland.

Although he questioned the lack of commitment from world leaders to achieve the goal of keeping global warming below 1.5 degrees Celsius, the president said he was “somewhat optimistic” that some progress had been made in deforestation, methane and finance.

At the meeting, which focused on ideas and approaches to social and environmental justice and how Costa Rica faces resource conflicts and socio-environmental changes, he reaffirmed the need for global solutions with specific local processes.

He elaborated on his country’s work against climate change, including measures such as building a high-level ambition for nature and people that seeks to protect 30 percent of the world by 2030; Charge for Environmental Services (PSA) scheme, use of clean energy and national park system.

PSA – created in 1997 – has state-recognized financial recognition for the environmental services they provide to owners or owners of forests and forest plantations, and coverage directly affects the protection and development of the environment with increasing forest cover.

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Official data show that between 2010-2020 more than 122 thousand hectares of Costa Rica’s native areas were protected with PSA, and 724 thousand 518 million trees were planted in these areas under the auspices of the agro-forestry system. Indigenous women.

He said Costa Rica was awarded the Earthshot Award in mid-October in the category of nature conservation and restoration provided by the Royal Foundation for the PSA and its conservation model.

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