September 19, 2021

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Covit-19 – Guatemala has the right storm for the high impact of Brenza Latina

At a press conference on the state of the epidemic, Deputy Minister of Primary Care Edwin Montfer promised that these figures corresponded to a median mathematical study and that the prognosis for possible deaths was alarming.

We have the perfect storm coming to bear on the impact of the SARS-CoV-2 corona virus and its disease Govit-19, which will worsen in the coming months in the presence of many variations in circulation, including the delta. Excessive exchange, the official explained.

According to the data provided, as of August 23, there were 444 thousand cases of infection from March 13, 2020, and the estimated jump would have been four times more affected compared to this month.

Similarly, Montaber said the death toll would more than double compared to the initial estimate, calling on people to follow life-saving measures to the letter and leave the house when it is essential, as the country is open. Red (85 percent of the area with maximum caution).

Occupancy of beds with acute and moderate patients nationwide is 97 and 66 per cent respectively, the hospital’s deputy minister Francisco Coma said, adding that the impact on the health sector is severe. Not only increases the number of beds but also manages human resources for each level.

“Guatemala lags behind in the number of doctors and nurses per 100,000 citizens, which is a weak state as a national healthcare organization to deal with this improvement and future situation,” he said.

In his opinion, a measure to address this crisis is prevention, he warned, adding that if the hospitalized patients’ predictions are fulfilled, it will double us in bed and there is a problem with who will take care of these people.

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For their part, the directors of San Juan de Dios and Roosevelt General Hospitals in the capital explained that emergency situations are more complicated because Covit-19 maintenance ‘eats’ other open areas and staff are in range.

A similar situation is provided by the Guatemalan Social Security Agency, whose officials have increased hospital capabilities and warned that there are more infections in children.

On the financial impact of the health crisis, Deputy Minister of State Nancy Pessarosi recalled that they have been working since last year to approve the 2018 budget. And moderate, and purchasing inputs.

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