September 19, 2021

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Covit-19 – Uruguayan unions blame government for defeat against Brenza Latina

“I say it with great pain, because we all look forward to success, and in the end we pay for the failure of loved ones,” he stressed at a news conference.

When the union proposes a better national dialogue to save lives to the executive, he believes it is “going to tear down that bridge” to unite the scientific and medical community and businesses in a larger common effort. .

Instead of reaching a reasonable agreement to reduce the movement, the government rejected the union initiative for economic reasons, which require solutions for low-income Uruguayans who are forced to go out and seek food obtained through social assistance.

Uruguay is one of the countries with the most favorable cases and deaths per day from Govt-19 per million population, averaging between 3,500 and 55.

With regard to the general strike for life and work called on June 17 to mark differences with the executive, Abdala clarified that essential services with special sensitivity to the health problems of the people will be exempted.

The Bit-CNT Representative Board also agreed with the Transport Association to guarantee vaccination centers for Govt-19 on the day of the strike.

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