November 29, 2021

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Cuba condemns US siege on Greece (+ photo)

The forum was organized by a group of Latin American ambassadors living in Greece (Argentina, Brazil, Cuba, Chile, Mexico, Panama, Peru, Uruguay and Venezuela) and the Hellenic Analysis Center Dicto.

The event featured a panel entitled “History of the 19th Century and Revolutionary Movements in Greece and Latin America” ​​and the second group, “Greece and Latin America: Contemporary Identity and Role in Today’s World”. Development, Achievements and Perspectives ”.

Raல்l Rodriguez, director of the Center for Hemispheric and United Nations Studies at the University of Havana, confirmed that economic growth in Cuba promotes social justice and that the process launched in 1959 has not lost its popular brand or its liberating aims.

Cuba is distinguished by an international external forecast and cooperation with the countries of the South. He emphasized that the case of Cuba’s medical cooperation was exemplary in this sense.

The Caribbean island has a free education system, the basis of a solid health care system with protection for its entire population, and research centers that have developed five vaccine candidates, three of which are vaccines against Govt-19, the expert explained.

All of this has been achieved despite a comprehensive network of unilaterally intended unilateral measures imposed by the US government, such as the economic, trade and financial blockade, which are rejected every year at the UN by the international community.

Dicto’s President, EU Commissioner and Greek Minister of Education Anna Diamondo Paulo inaugurated the event, while Greece’s Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs for Diplomacy Costas Frokokianis greeted the gathering.

Several speakers from Latin America and Greece mentioned various topics of interest on the agenda, including Dr. Christos Dimas, the country’s Deputy Minister of Research and Technology and Hellenic Member of Parliament.

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