October 24, 2021

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Cuba.- Rodriguez ugly to Uruguay and Brazil for its support for struggles based on “ignorance of reality”

Madrid, 13 July. (Europa Press) –

Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodrguez backed the Uruguayan and Brazilian governments on Tuesday in support of the country’s situation as a result of anti-government protests because it was based on “ignorance of reality.”

In this sense, Rodriguez is “surprised” by the claims of Uruguayan President Luis Lagalle Bou, which refers to “never knowing our reality again” in a message he posted on his account on the social networking site Twitter.

“The courage and independence of the Cuban people has been proven for six decades in the face of American aggression and provocation,” he added.

Similarly, he rejected the words of Brazilian President Jair Bolsanaro, pointing out that “Covid-19 must correct his reckless action that contributes to the tragic death of hundreds of thousands of Brazilians and the increase in poverty.”

Rodriguez told Bolzano that “we must focus on the corruption that involves him and not distract Cuba by looking at it superficially.”

Bolzano showed his support for the protesters who took to the streets of Cuba demanding “the courage to end a brutal dictatorship” and wished that “democracy will flourish in Cuba and bring better days to its people.” For his part, LaGallee underscored the “commendable courage” of the participants in the mobilization.

Chile has joined the call of some Latin American countries this Tuesday, urging the Cuban government to guarantee freedom of expression and the possibility of peaceful demonstrations.

“There is no justification for promoting repressive measures that seek to silence citizens who quietly ask for more freedom, timely and decent health and a better quality of life,” the Chilean foreign ministry said in a statement. Cuban authorities “should not try to suppress the expressions of legitimate citizens and allow them to protest freely and with intimidation.”

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