October 24, 2021

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Cuban Govt-19 Passport: Works in other countries

Cuba has announced the creation of its own COVID-19 digital passport, which will allow users to store and easily access data related to the corona vaccine.

In view NewsOne of the main concerns of Cubans is the international validity of this site because it is not yet known which countries will accept the validity of the Cuban vaccine, which could affect the World Health Organization (WHO) accreditation.

EU members or countries such as the European Union or Israel offer a “green card” to facilitate and promote the travel of those who have been vaccinated against the corona virus.

The COVID-19 passport, which contains information about the Cuban vaccine, does not prohibit entry into certain countries, issue a negative PCR, or immediately prevent isolated activities upon arrival in foreign territories. Eight Vaccines are WHO approved: Pfizer / Bioendech, AstroGeneca-SK Bio, Serum Company, Astra Geneca EU, Johnson, Modern, Synoform Y Sinovac, The latter has recently been added to the emergency intervention list.

Inside the Cuban COVID-19 passport

The passport can be accessed by QR code – which can be scanned by mobile verification – and it can also be in printed form (photo: Sadial Metros).

Cuban Govt Passport It was created Is in the testing phase at the University of Information Sciences (UCI).

“Today, not only is vaccination proven, but proof of being healthy is becoming a necessity not only for travel, but also within the same countries around the world: strict control over crowded places, where there are necessarily vulnerable issues.” Explained Project Leader Alan Pierre, Director of UCI’s Technical Support Center.

Pierre promised to read other passports to be Cuban “explanatory with international solutions.” He declared that they believe the WHO Making known The standard version, based on that version, is made available to the public with the final touches on the Cuban Covit-19 passport.

Passport can be accessed using QR code It will be scanned by mobile verification. The code allows access to a webpage to record each patient’s data. It may also be in printed form.

The validity of the QR code will be recognized by an “Approved Signature”, which will only be available to the Ministry of Public Health and will be approved by the WHO. Clarifies Pierre: “Anyone can read this, but not everyone can create that QR”.

The Cuban version allows you to enter the user’s family data in the “passport wallet”, which can be displayed with multiple vaccine passports “,” he said. Indian Alan Pierre.

Members of the Cuban Council Recommendation The passport can initially be used for interim travel nationwide or for access to facilities and institutions.

Cubans who have been vaccinated abroad have raised the possibility of changing the QR code Offered in those countries For a Cuban passport, after verifying the data. However, Cuba Not clarified Under which countries will you accept COVID-19 vaccination certificates or passports issued in other countries?

Which countries have implemented the COVID-19 passport or similar type?

The EU COVID Digital Certification, Which was originally Green Digital Certificate and had no name It was approved Recently, it will facilitate the movement of passengers through the Schengen area, Whether they belong to the European Union or not.

This document contains not only information about the passenger’s vaccine, but also the results of the most recent COVID-19 test if infected with SARS-CoV-2.

So far, the European Pharmaceuticals Association (EMA) only approves vaccines from Pfizer / Bioendech, Moderna, Oxford / Astrogeneneka and Johnson & Johnson. However, each state can decide independently whether or not to adopt any other vaccine.

However, this EU digital certification is not mandatory or restricts movement. Within the Schengen area Among those who have not been vaccinated; Instead, it establishes preventive measures that travelers must follow, depending on the country of birth Testing, isolation, self-isolation Or travel restrictions.

“Each country must determine whether it accepts vaccination certificates from other member states for nationally approved vaccines or for those on the WHO emergency list.” Explained European Parliament.

For example, since April 2021, there has been an application in France that allows airlines, police and customs to read QR codes with passenger information.

In Latin America, in March Performed A pilot project in between International Air Transport Association (IATA) and Copa Airlines in Panama. The “IATA Travel PassAllows travelers to create a digital passport that activates travel plans regarding targeted health needs. Try it today Team 28 airlines.

Such as other American and Caribbean countries Uruguay, Bahamas Y Puerto Rico They have had similar experiences in practice. Argentina He began In April, the government explained that the digital vaccination card could be used as a health passport once it received a global agreement for its official accreditation. That month, Brazilian Tourism Minister Gilson Machado and Health Minister Marcelo Guerrero, They agreed Formation of the “Brazilian Health Passport” By application ConnectSUS.

“We are going to create a passport (…) for tourism in the same way we do the world. Many countries are implementing this standard, ”Machado explained.

While the potential COVID-19 passport in the United States is still being explored, American Airlines launched the Verifly app in January., A kind of mobile health passport to expedite trips to the country from Jamaica, Chile, Colombia, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras and other countries.

Verifly Collects Self-certified questionnaires or COVID-19 diagnostic test results provide real-time health status information from more than 20,000 labs and (future) vaccine testing.

New York Further Given An own initiative to allow those infected with COVID-19 access to theaters or theaters.

In Israel One Countries With Mayor Immune status The “Green Pass” vaccine is given to anyone who has been vaccinated or has had COVID-19 for the past six months. Used to access hotels, gyms, theaters and other facilities there. It also allows travel to Greece and Cyprus.

Others allow immigrants without the need to be isolated or comply with other health measures until they can prove a complete schedule of any vaccines certified by the WHO.

The WHO itself is a “Working group In the Smart Vaccine Certificate ”it brings together experts from UNICEF, the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) and the European Commission, to enable effective and functional digital solutions to define key specifications, standards and reliable framework.

This standard certification will support the administration and monitoring of the use of the COVID-19 vaccine for other vaccines and for the purpose of linking it to national and cross-border digital organizations.

COVID-19 Passport Concerns

It is not yet known whether the Cuban Govt-19 passport refers to inter-country operating facilities (photo: Sadial Metros).

A COVID-19 passport is a document that must meet ethical and technical standards, along with personal information about the health of its holders. They warn Some experts.

For this to work, it must have access to a country’s official immunization records, a secure system for verifying information, and comply with common standards established internationally. The signature of the WHO accredited authority is one of these standards.

Data privacy protection is also essential because these applications can be vulnerable to computer hacks, forgery or theft of personal information.

The United Kingdom and the United States have taken their time to decide whether or not to use this initiative because of the risks to the privacy of information and arguments that infringe on privacy. Delegation to the United Kingdom Warned For ministers who do not introduce certificates, they will be “unjustified and non-discriminatory” by making a presence.Two tier community”. However, the Boris Johnson government Considers It can play a major role in major sporting or art events and other mass gatherings.

Facing concerns about data security, the EU, where appropriate, contains the important information needed in the Covid digital certificate: name, date of birth, date of issue, relevant information about the vaccine, testing, recovery and a unique identifier. “This data is on the certificate and will not be saved or protected when a certificate is verified in another member state,” they assure.

“Certificates contain only the limited information required, which cannot be kept by the countries visited. For verification purposes only the validity and authenticity of the certificate is verified and verified by who issued and signed it. All health data is in the EU Digital COVID Certified Issue State”.

G20 Has emerged Approve your proposal. At a virtual meeting in May, the tourism ministers of the most powerful countries stressed the need for a resumption of normal operations in the sector for a global economic recovery.

For its part, the WHO maintains Some balance Because “the available evidence and current knowledge have not informed us of the period of protection against immunity and relapse”, and Increased mobility This could increase exchange rates and put health systems and the economy back at risk. However, since February this body, along with Estonia, Is growing Globally recognized digital vaccination certificates.