January 19, 2021

Cyber ​​attack on US government: Biden accuses Trump of failing to protect | U.S. News

The president-elect is known to support the tone of solidarity, but in his pre-Christmas speech he tore down Donald Trump for failing to prioritize US cyber security.

One The biggest cyber attacks Emerged last week in American history. The hackers explored the organizations of dozens of government agencies and organizations, including the U.S. Treasury, the Department of Homeland Security, the State Department and the Department of Defense. Federal officials warn that the attack is still ongoing.

Joe Biden said there were indications that Russia was behind the attack and that the hack had been planned since the beginning of last year.

“The attack happened on Donald Trump’s watch, when he was not watching,” Mr Biden said. “There is still a lot we do not know, but we know more about it; this attack poses a great threat to our national security. It was carefully planned and carefully planned.”

Mr Biden said the United States would “probably” respond once it understood the extent of the damage and would recommend some kind of retaliation. Joe Biden said the current administration did not share everything it knew with its interim committee.

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US ‘responds’ to Russian cyber attack

The intelligence community, including Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and Attorney General William Barr, have blamed Russia for the hack. But Donald Trump has raised doubts about Russia’s role on Twitter and pointed to China’s involvement.

“The Trump administration needs to make an official attribute,” Joe Biden said. “It is his responsibility as president to protect US interests for the next four weeks, but he promised that I would do it, even if the rest did not take it seriously.”

The president-elect said he was willing to spend billions of dollars to strengthen US cyber security, but could not say for sure whether current systems are secure.

This is one of the many crises facing the United States The second wave of infection Continues to rise in most parts of the country. Mr Biden warned that the dark days ahead in the fight against the corona virus were still ahead.

Meanwhile he welcomed $ 892bn (65 665bn) Corona virus relief bill Passed in Congress on Monday. Months later, these funds were considered depleted by many, but needed by millions of struggling businesses and the unemployed.

Joe Biden called this a “low fee” for what he really needed, and said he would ask for more help from lawmakers after he took office on Jan. 20.

Donald Trump has been mostly silent on Twitter about these issues. His tweets show little evidence that he still runs the country, but continue to make unsubstantiated claims about a bad election.