November 29, 2021

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Deputy fired in Brazil for spreading false news – Prinza Latina

This is the first time a court has convicted a politician for spreading fake news (false news) and for spreading false information, it is considered a misuse of the media and an abuse of political power.

As a result of this ruling, he lost his mandate and was disqualified by Congress for 8 years.

Through a social network, Francisini announced that he would appeal the verdict to the Supreme Federal Court. “It was a sad but historic day in the struggle for individual freedom,” he said.

He lamented the decision to affect the winning orders by the will of the voter. Now, I return to my position as a representative in the Federal Police, but I will not give up. We will reverse this decision, “he said.

Francisini is under investigation after he claimed on social media that electronic ballots were manipulated in the first round of the 2018 election – without providing evidence – to prevent the election of President Jair Bolsanaro.

At the time, the regional election court in the southern state of Paran conducted an audit and verified that the ballots were running normally, with no signs of fraud.

The election was brought to justice by the public ministry, which has accused the legislator of spreading false information.

According to the defense, Francisini’s actions took place when he was a federal MP, for which he is known as the anti-material force, which prevents delegates and senators from being held accountable for their opinions, words and votes.

A spokesman for the TSE, Minister Luis Felipe Salomon, described the information released by the politician, who had deceived millions of voters, as “completely false” and insidious.

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