November 29, 2021

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Eight countries present a draft resolution on Nicaragua at the OAS

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Against the backdrop of epidemics and global warming, eight US states (OAS) have backed a draft resolution on the “situation in Nicaragua” to be discussed during the Virtual General Assembly, which began this Wednesday.

Canada, on its behalf, and the United States, Canada, Chile, Costa Rica, Ecuador, the Dominican Republic, Uruguay, Antigua and Barbuda, presented the draft resolution and asked the Permanent Council to conduct an “immediate joint assessment.” ..) Complete by November 30 and take appropriate action.

“Mock”, “reported fraud”, “pantomime” are some manifestations of the international community in which Ordega won the new presidency.

With opposition leaders imprisoned or deported, the Nicaraguan regime is now isolated internationally, with no real rivals. An issue on the OAS agenda, its secretary general Luis Almagro, called the Nicaraguan elections “illegal” and called for action in the face of a “clear violation of the Constitution.”

But can the pressure of the OAS force the Ordega regime to open now?

“It simply came to our notice then [para contemplar] The beginning of the Ordega regime, but I believe that the OAS member states have in their hands a set of political tools such as the American Democracy Charter, ”said Antonia Urrezola, chair of the US Commission on Human Rights and Reporters, RFI for Nicaragua. Said. “To begin with, this is the debate that political organizations have to give. It is not clear whether this will happen these days, but it will not happen without the pressure of the international community. But when we face dictatorial regimes like the Southern Cone Dictatorship and the Ortega regime without the international community, there are no democratic processes.The international community has once again demonstrated the importance of working with these processes and international pressures.

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Since June, the OAS Secretary-General has been in favor of implementing the mechanisms for the implementation of Article 21 of the US Democratic Charter between Nicaragua. If democracy is violated and diplomacy does not succeed in resolving the issue, it is considering suspending member states. However, the country must continue to comply with its human rights obligations. What effect will this application have on Daniel Ortega?

“I do not know, but it will increase his isolation from the regional community, but I can not tell him what he evaluates about suspending OAS because first there is the practice of suspending OAS. Then expulsion,” he says. Urrezola. “But I believe it is always important that countries are not isolated regionally.”

The text presented by Canada goes to the General Committee, which discusses and will be voted on Thursday or Friday. For adoption, a simple majority of member states is required, i.e. 18 out of 35.

The draft resolution does not explicitly refer to the implementation of Article 21 of the Inter-American Constitution, which can be suspended if a member state violates the democratic order and does not yield diplomatic results.

But it will lead to its implementation based on the results of the “collective evaluation”.

In the speech, all eight countries declare that elections are “not free, fair or transparent, and not democratically legitimate.”

They reiterate their call for “the release of all political candidates and prisoners” and “an end to the arrest and harassment of the independent media and members of civil society.”

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Managua defends himself

ORO’s Nicaraguan ambassador Arturo McFields responded to Yescas’ criticisms: “They are free, free from pressure, free from intimidation, free from interference and obstacles.”

The diplomat asked OAS to look to the future, not to the “past with neo-colonial and interventionist positions.”

There are some exceptions in the international community that support Nicaragua. Russia, Cuba, Bolivia and Venezuela stand out.

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