October 24, 2021

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Evan Duke responds to Nicolas Maduro’s call for Colombian investors

Colombian President Evan Duke speaks at the launch of Norde de Santander’s specific order on October 6, 2021, in Coca-Cola, Colombia.

Colombian President Evan Duke on Thursday called on Colombian businessmen to resume investments in Nicolas Maduro, Venezuela.

From the XVI meeting of the Constitutional Jurisdiction held in Kokuda to commemorate the 200th anniversary of the 1821 Constitution, the country’s first merchants warned the country’s merchants not to believe the false talk coming from “the dictatorship of Venezuela”. This has caused the biggest social crisis in the region.

Be very careful in the talks that come with the siren songs coming from the dictatorship in Venezuela. Now they are coming out to speak in a ‘beautiful’ way, inviting investors to come to the area, ”the head of state said at the event commemorating the country’s first constitution.

In turn, he said the gradual reopening of the border, which began on June 2, was “not the victory of the Venezuelan people and the victory of the dictatorship of Nicolas Maduro”. Presented on October 5th.

Similarly, he stressed that the dictatorship could not act as “destroying history” and compared the tragedy of 2015 when the regime “targeted and evicted Colombians from their homes”. The time of dictatorship.

“With good eyes the pressure from anti-democratic pressure, the pressure exerted by the Venezuelan people, they want economic freedom and see the opportunity to earn income here. When it was already known that 95% of the population of that country was living in poverty“, The president said.

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On the other hand, Evan Duke issued a plastic identity card to Venezuelan citizens who used themselves under the Provisional Protection Act to regularize the 1.8 million immigrants who were forced to flee their neighboring country due to the complex situation.

In that regard, he pointed out that the document would contain five security stamps, authentication procedures, QR code and biometric registration, which would allow immigrants to access various services in the country and maintain legal status on the national territory.

“In this way, the rights will be guaranteed. But the obligations to immigrants also apply, meaning that Colombia can pursue a different, sensible, and constructive policy here, and that it recognizes the Gran-Colombian fraternity conceived here in 1821.Id leader said.

Finally, he reiterated that border areas need special attention due to the situation in these sectors, encouraged border law, which provides comprehensive attention and reiterated that the voice against tyrants will continue to be raised.

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