November 29, 2021

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Evo Morales thanked the people who saved his life and the state of Mexico

MEXICO CITY, Oct 22 (Prensa Latina) Two years after the coup led by former President Jeanine Cheese, led by political actors and opposition leaders, former Mexican President Evo Morales today thanked the people and government for saving his life.

When ‘Parties and the New Community’ appeared at the XXV International Symposium organized by the Labor Party until tomorrow, the representative of the movement for socialism recalled that facts appeared halfway through the book by Mexican President Andres. Manuel Lopez Obrador.

Why the plot? According to Morales, the answer lies in the US refusal to accept a Native liberation movement in the South American country because capitalism and imperialism regard social organizations as terrorists.

According to the Bolivian leader, the struggle of these groups proved to be an alien alternative funding model for nationalization and the restoration of natural resources and the submission of new liberalization, based on the guarantee of basic services such as water, electricity and sanitation.

These benefits added to telecommunications cannot be private businesses because they are human rights. At the same time, we are reducing gas, guaranteeing economic growth and industrializing gas and iron ore, ā€¯Morales said.

As he acknowledged, he assured that the highly developed nations did not accept the Latin American territories as giving more value to their natural resources, and that conspiracy theories, mismanagement of epidemics and dictatorship had slowed Bolivia’s progress.

During his government from November 2020, Morales confirmed that we had not made a mistake in appointing Brother Louis Ars as president, and suggested that the Lopez Obrador administration should restrict lithium production.

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From one of the meeting rooms of Hotel Fiesta Americana Reforma in Mexico City, the union leader insisted that the industry of this natural resource should be in the hands of the state and the beginning of the industrialization of lithium, not private Bolivia determined the plot in November 2019.

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