October 24, 2021

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First the poor … Haitian immigrants

By Atalberto Santana -.

This year 2021 is an event that will attract worldwide attention and be covered by various media and create different opinions, irregular migration, forced and / or economic migration, self deportation or simply political deportation or new cases of society. .

It looks like a sack that encloses with a drawstring. The play of the people who first liberated themselves from European colonialism in our America. Today, however, it supports indifference, or worse, the suppression of the repressive apparatus of Latin American states by promoting social marginalization in its expatriate drama.

Thousands of Haitian immigrants (men, women and children) congregate on the southern border of the United States, on the Mexican border, on the Texan side of the Mexican state of Cohouila in Del Rio and Ciudad Aguina. Some estimates speak of more than 14,000 Caribbean citizens. It is a play on the migration of a poor country in Latin America and the Caribbean. In recent times it has been plagued by natural disasters such as the assassination of its leader, the violence of criminal gangs and the earthquakes of 2010 and the earthquakes of August 14, 2021, but also by storms and hurricanes. That same year, it will eventually lead to social catastrophes. Together with all this, the immigrants are suppressed by the Texas Rangers, who remind us in the drama of their films that, sadly, the “Federal State of America” ​​(“Confederate States of America”) was from 1861 to 1865. Its notable feature is the association of slave governments. But the Mexican immigration police institute National de Migrasion (INM) is not far off. Intuition of segregation and repression of reputed immigration agents associated with corruption and organized crime. Human trafficking networks, especially those operating in the underground economy, are flowing big money rivers, the products of the immigrant mafia’s business (“coyotes or polleros”), they put the government in a dilemma known as the Fourth Change (4T).

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The Haitian immigrants and other Latin American countries and the world wanting to go to the United States via the Mexican mainland, the European Parliament, especially the members of the European Left and the Green Group represented a change in Mexican immigration policy that began with the policy of “open door migration and primarily guarantees for people entering through the southern border”, but It changed to “2019” in June due to US economic pressure from the United States (La Jornada, September 24, 21).

Is not Mexico a country with open borders on the question of what is the outspoken anti-human rights tone in the words of the repressive speech of INM leader Francisco Cardino Janes and the full confidence that Mexican and world extreme right-wing politicians deserve? For example, it is not the same, but even in heaven there is a migration restriction, he replied. When asked further: -Is it not for humanitarian reasons?

Thus, a series of images of Haitians, Central Americans, and other immigrants from other parts of the world on American and Mexican soil, even when they are smashed by Texas Rangers or 4T’s immigration agents, makes even the most severe cities emigrate play more crude. Vulnerable to our America. The same immigrant, Claudia, testified with her four-year-old son: “Returning to Haiti would put us to death; no security, no place, no food, no job, no medical facilities. We want to stay in Mexico and come to work in the United States; we do not want to hurt anyone.” (ibid) Similarly, Doctors Without Borders condemned a statement on Haiti’s drama on Mexico’s northern and southern borders, saying: We consider the decision to forcibly repatriate Haiti on direct flights, and the organization has faced harassment from Mexican immigration agents.

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In various Latin American countries, it is the exodus of Haitian citizens from Chile, Argentina and Brazil, in the north and central Americas of South America, who are constantly trying to climb north. There are an estimated 19,000 immigrants in Colombia. So far this year, between Colombia and Panama, more than 50 people have crossed the Darian Forest so far in 2021. Irregular migration or economic and social deportation is a political phenomenon that continues to be a constant part of reality. Countries of our America. Today the settlers in these large caravans are the most vulnerable of our people, they have no jobs, no houses, no medical facilities, they are suffering from hunger and poverty. But they are badly linked to corruption and highly organized crime by immigration officials. It is one of the most shocking plays in our United States, which is of no interest or concern to Latin American right-wingers. To the official left, this seems to be a margin issue. However, with a genuine commitment to the most vulnerable to social and social organizations and to religious communities that support immigration, it has become a moral and human duty. Haitian immigrants.