January 27, 2021

Gov. Konga: Unmasked Republicans Infectious Dance Massive | American News

Members of a Republican club in Queens, New York, parted ways without masks or social distances during an infectious indoor Christmas party, a viral video shows.

Queen’s Daily Eagle Announced City Council candidate Vicky Paladino and Whitestone Republican members held their festive event on December 9 at a restaurant called Ile Paco, which filed a lawsuit against Governor Andrew Cuomo on August 28, seeking permission to reopen indoor food against public health restrictions. In place in New York at the time.

Indoor dining resumed in New York City in late September, but Cumo on December 11th Announced The ban will resume as positive cases increase.

In a video posted on Twitter, Baladino can be seen dancing in a 13-member Congo line led by former Republican nominee James Martinowski carrying the Trump 2020 flag.

“I don’t have it,” Baldino says as Martinowski tries to hand over his flag.

Journalist Matt Binder posted the video on Twitter.

Matt Binder

Whitestone Republican in NYC hosted a Christmas party this year without the world caring about COVID pic.twitter.com/mHzW86d9M7

December 21, 2020

About 50 people attended or watched from the tables near the dance floor. In the video, you can see a person wearing a mask. Whitestone Republican Spokesman Robert Hornack said the event took place before authorities re-established the indoor dining ban, and that the party was largely following Govt-19 security requirements.

“At that time we held a close meeting to observe all the Govt guidelines,” the Queen’s Daily Eagle Hornack was quoted as saying. “Each participant was asked to wear a mask, and when entering, everyone was given one, or one.

“Everyone there had a great time, and we were happy to give people that time to be with others like mind and spirit as we prepare to move forward that 2021 will be the best ever.”

In Paco, Tina Maria Obedisano, the owner, insisted that her restaurant comply with the Corona virus restrictions on the date of the event, when indoor food was allowed at 25% capacity.

“That party was not completely violated,” Obedizano said. “We did as we were told. Every person who entered the business was tested and given a temperature test.”

He added that the banquet was held on two floors, including the patio outside.

The restaurant is located in an area of ​​Queens where the seven-day corona virus positive rate reached 6.53% as of December 18, New York City saw the second outbreak, the newspaper said. As of Monday, the city-wide positive rate was 6.05%, officials said. Public health experts say the virus is under control if the positive rate does not exceed 5%.

“The Govt-19 spike we see can be seen live on Thanksgiving,” said Mayor Bill de Blasio. Said On Monday.