January 26, 2021

Govt-19: US House of Representatives passes $ 892 billion Corona virus relief bill | U.S. News

The U.S. House of Representatives has approved a 2 892bn (5655bn) corona virus relief package that has passed the first hurdle to becoming law.

The bill, which includes a $ 600 (40,440) payment to the majority of Americans and additional payments to the millions who lost their jobs, will now go before Senate approval before it can be signed. President Donald Trump.

The US government has been offered $ 1.4 trillion ($ 1 trillion) in funding for another year – which will now be considered in the upper chamber.

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Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said early Monday morning that legislation would be “delayed, but we’re going to finish it tonight,” while the White House confirmed that Mr Trump would sign the bill.

It’s a big round COVID-19 Benefits expire Saturday.

The 5,593-page bill allocates approximately $ 350 billion ($ 7,257 billion) in net spending, financing several federal projects through September Corona virus Help.

Mr McConnell said more than B 500bn (7 367bn) of funding comes from unspent money already approved by Congress.

The trigger package is the first relief approved by Congress since April and is expected to be the final law for the 116th Congress, which expires on January 3rd.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi complained that the bill did not include direct assistance to state and local governments, as Democrats expected, but promised to try again next year. Joe Biden Holds the office of President.

Meanwhile, he urged Congress to support the proposed bill.

More than 214,000 people in the United States are tested positive for COVID-19 every day, meaning that the latest wave of infections continues to grow.

About 317,000 people have died.