January 19, 2021

Govt test program at IHE கல்லூரி Connecticut College News

Thanks to frequent testing and effective communication tracking, Khan has been recognized as a national success story in the fight to prevent a COVID-19 eruption on campus.

A Article Insight Higher et Connecticut College is one of seven companies isolated for epidemiological response efforts, leading to lower infection rates and the ability to conduct private classes and athletic training safely.

The successful outcome of the fall semester is due to Gone’s twice-weekly testing and contact-tracking rule – an aggression program that runs larger than most schools, and it was able to arrest the spread of isolated cases of epidemics before they explode.

“Going to the test center twice a week has become a part of everyone’s week,” said Victor Arceles, dean of students. “It allowed everyone to do what they did during the semester. Knowing what the positive ratio was on our campus at any given time, it helped us to hold classes privately, which helped us keep student clubs in place. We were able to do the tests. ”

Cohn’s COVID response was also mentioned in the latest American News and World Report section Here.