November 29, 2021

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Guatemala Congress approves siege of El Estor, Isabel (+ Photo) – Prinza Latina

With an extensive security device in the suburbs and a two-hour delay, the legislature was the only point on its agenda to examine the exceptional move imposed by President Alejandro Giammattei last Sunday, under the argument of restoring control of the municipality before disruptions occur. Q’eqchi ‘communities are in opposition.

Protesters have blocked the road for 14 days, demanding that it be included in a pre-consultation process on licensing rights granted to the Phoenix project, which was arrested in April this year by a Constitutional Court resolution.

In Monday’s vote, 50 Congressmen voted against the absence of 25; However, they were not enough to cope with the majority of the official bench along with their new allies and others who were already traditional.

As part of the discussion, it was agreed to add an article to create a national dialogue table in El Estor with the participation of the Ministry of Energy and Mining, representatives of the tribal people, human rights critics and leaders involved in the struggle. In the last few weeks.

The Giammattei government justified its decision last Friday to forcibly disperse protesters (using tear gas canisters) as they prevented coal-laden vehicles from moving toward a plant located in the conflict zone. Tensions.

Following the issuance of Order 9-2021 yesterday, about 500 soldiers and 350 police officers arrived in El Estor in trucks, patrols and armored vehicles and imposed a 30-hour curfew and a 30-day curfew.

Indigenous leaders and mayors of the 48 regions of Isabel, Alta Verabas and Dodonicapan marched from the Plaza de la Constitution to the General Ministry on Monday in protest of the siege. Gentry Reyes.

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Already in the suburbs of Congress, they have been able to document their opposition to the violent course of the administration, the status quo of conflicts for a variety of reasons that the region has not addressed, such as extreme poverty, indiscriminate use of its resources and drug trafficking. , The media recalled.

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