September 19, 2021

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Guatemala demands resignation of Geomati and Attorney General

They demand accountability for corruption and managing the epidemic

Madrid, 30 July. (Europa Press) –

This Thursday Guatemala protested the resignations of President Alejandro Chiamate and Attorney General Consul Boras, as well as those responsible for “corruption” and “managing the epidemic”.

Demonstrations have erupted in the country for hours to express dissatisfaction with the current government and the prosecutor’s office, especially after the removal of the head of the Office of the Special Advocate against Punishment (FECI), by Juan Francisco Santo.

The city of Guatemala staged a large mobilization at the Plaza de la Constitution, in the presence of people carrying posters against corruption in the Central American country.

Similarly, protesters have pointed to the “suffering” of the Guatemalan people as a result of these issues and called on others in the community to “join the struggle for the legacy of the next generation,” according to the Guatemalan newspaper La Hora.

On the other hand, the meeting also rejected the government’s administration of dealing with corona virus infections, which means that people are not vaccinated.

Some of the slogans read in the posters raised by the protesters were “vaccinated by donation”, “murderous government”, “do not play with the people” or “we refuse to live in a dictatorship”.

Although blockades have been reported on some roads in the national region, the rallies on this day are characterized by their quiet tone.

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