October 24, 2021

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Guatemala marches against racism, anti-indigenous and black

This content was released on 12 October 2021 – 23:53

(Updated with information about two prisoners to demolish the monument in the sixth column)

Guatemala City, October 12 (EFE)

The call was made by various social organizations led by the Opposition and the Social and Popular Assembly Federation to commemorate the visit of Christopher Columbus to the American continent on October 12, 1492. .

However, in Guatemala and other countries in the region, tribal and peasant organizations have changed the name to “Native, Black and Anti-People Day” to shout against “European occupation” and “false independence from the Spanish crown”. 200 years ago) “, as pointed out by the organizing committee.

The demonstration advanced from the Obelisk, south of the capital, towards the historic center of the capital at Avenida de la Reforma. By the way, some monuments like Columbus include graffiti and damage.

The decapitated statue of liberal General Jose Maria Reina Barrios, who headed to Guatemala from 1892 to 1898, was painted red this Tuesday with the accelerated inequality, dictatorial dyes and modernization of Central America, the construction of ports and the railways and the Avenida de la Riforma.

Five hours after the head of the National Civil Police, the head of the Raina Barrios monument was touched, two men were arrested for allegedly damaging the statues.

Against racism

The struggle continued its course and even humanitarian organizations such as Solidarity Ceremonies stressed in a statement that “529 years after the European invasion of Abiya Yala, looting and colonialism continue.”

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Andrea Ixho, a Mayan leader, cultural manager and social journalist, vowed to “resist being” as sowing the future despite 529 years of colonial, genocidal and ecological violence against the tribal people.

“Our dreams could not colonize them, our action was our discourse,” he said.

The flag of the four Guatemalan peoples (Mayan, Shinka, Carifuna and Ladino), red, yellow, black and white and distinct from the official government blue and white, waved throughout the trip, and the cape worn by many became the women marching in the demonstration.

“In this new year of struggle and resistance in the midst of a global epidemic, the indigenous people are being hit hardest by the horrific and disastrous administration of Alejandro Giammatte’s government.

The bicentennial commemorations of the Spanish crown on September 15 were canceled by the Chiamate government because the Central American country had experienced a third wave of corona virus since June.

The lack of official action did not prevent thousands of farmers from protesting in at least 11 of the country’s 22 sectors, including the capital where the Mayan festival was held and the flag of the indigenous people was hoisted. Similar to what was worn today on Reforma Avenue.

According to international organizations, of Guatemala’s more than 16.3 million people, 59% live below the poverty line, and the vast majority of Native and Central American children are malnourished.

Half of the country’s population is of Mayan, Garyfuna, Jinga and African descent. EFE

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