October 24, 2021

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Haiti confirms Colombian cooperation in the assassination survey

Port-au-Prince, July 9 (Prinza Latina) The Haitian government today confirmed the cooperation of its Colombian representative in the investigation into the alleged involvement of the country’s citizens in the assassination of President Juanel Moss.
The President of Colombia spoke with the Prime Minister of Haiti
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Report a foreign presence in the assassination of the President of Haiti According to a statement, interim Prime Minister Claude Joseph spoke with Colombian President Ivan Duke and pledged “all cooperation with his country in carrying out the investigation into the assassination.”

Earlier in the day, the National Police confirmed that 26 civilians in South America were part of an order to carry out the massacre.

Authorities arrested 13 of them, and four died in clashes with agents, and 9 escaped, police said.

The group includes two Haitian Americans who announced they were translators for the group and got jobs online.

Moss was killed with at least 12 shots at his home in Passionville, Bellar Mountain, and his wife Martin Etienne was seriously injured in the attack.

‘The president’s office and bedroom were looted. We saw him on his back, in blue pants, a blood-stained white shirt, with his mouth open and his left eye pierced, ‘he told a Justice of the Peace newspaper.

The Port-au-Prince prosecutor’s office issued two requests to the HNP to interview those responsible for the president’s request, saying they were not injured during the attack.

“I have assigned to the Federal Directorate of Judicial Police a committee authorized to listen to all security agents close to President Jovnell Moss,” the capital’s attorney, Pete-Ford Claude, wrote in a letter.

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The Ministry of Public Works summoned Dmitry Heard, Head of the Public Security Division of the National Palace, and Jean-Aquila Civil, Head of the Presidential Security Division, to July 13 and 14.

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