September 19, 2021

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Haiti struggles to get out of its eleventh “dream” amid the rubble of an earthquake that killed more than 2,000

File photo-Haitian firefighters search for survivors under the rubble of a hotel destroyed after a magnitude 7.2 earthquake on Saturday in Les Cai, Haiti. REUTERS / Ricardo Arduengo

Life in Haiti on August 14 was like that for a few seconds. A 7.2 magnitude earthquake On the Richter scale it shook out a part of the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere More than 2,000 died and again created a “dream” That, Recalling humanitarian organizations, It will not be resolved without international help.

“I felt trembling because I didn’t understand what was going on,” Jermaine, 10, voices to the 540,000 children who have somehow experienced the effects of tremors. When she had not yet left the house, the rubbish began to fall on her, and she could not get up until her mother returned from the market, when she was in various traumas.

UN His testimony, collected by the Children’s Fund (UNICEF), helps to personalize the tragedy of a tragedy that claimed the lives of nearly 1.2 million victims. Organization It estimates that 650,000 people need humanitarian assistance, 260,000 of them children, and stresses that mitigating basic needs, starting with a roof over their heads, is “urgent.”

Members of the so-called Mexican Rescue Team "Tops"More than 2,200 people were killed and tens of thousands of buildings destroyed when a backhoe removed the rubble of a collapsed house a week after an earthquake in Les Cays, Haiti.  REUTERS / Ralph Teddy Erol
Members of a Mexican rescue team called “Topos” removed the rubble of a collapsed house a week after the quake, killing more than 2,200 people and destroying tens of thousands of buildings. , Haiti. REUTERS / Ralph Teddy Erol

UNICEF spokesman Juan Harrow is touring and witnessing some of the affected areas. “The first thing they ask of us is a tar, something to sleep on.”He explains that in an interview with Europa Press, he recalled that the region was in a full hurricane season, with Hurricane Grace already wreaking havoc in the quake-hit areas.

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“Destroyed cities on the left and right side of the road,” and Harrow saw a country crumbling that there were still practically inaccessible areas. Contrary to what happened in the 2010 earthquake when more than 300,000 people died, this time the quake struck mainly in rural and scattered areas.

“Yesterday we met a mother who lost an 18-month-old baby because the house fell on her,” Harrow saw in the first person “the look of shocked, depressed people”, so they have lived and what can come.

UNICEF Field Hospital in Los Case UNICEF / RoU Sear
UNICEF Field Hospital in Los Case UNICEF / RoU Sear

The Panorama “sad”, almost “apocalyptic”But, humanitarian agents are placed to serve only those who have lost everything. About 50,000 houses have been completely destroyedBut, to deal with emergencies. “The requirements are enormous and greater than they appear”, The spokesman insists.

Diseases such as cholera, malaria or diarrhea recur in this type of environmentEspecially “when it rains every two or three days”, but Hortado insists that hospitals and schools be severely damaged or directly destroyed. UNICEF works to distribute materials and basic medical equipment, as well as carry out “time-tested” assessments of educational infrastructure prior to the theoretical start of the school year.

The pre-emergency insecurity, the increasing threat, and the children leaving the education system could fall into the hands of gangs. In fact, Harrow explains that some of these groups’ humanitarian aid controls the roads leading to the damaged areas.

The team sent by Ecuador includes complementary sleeping pills, medications and indestructible food.  (Photo: Chancellor).
The team sent to Ecuador includes supplemental sleeping pills, medications and indestructible food. (Photo: Chancellor).

Emergency in an emergency

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Haiti’s recent history revolves around need and tragedy. The UN estimates that 4.4 million citizens, nearly 40% of the population, are malnourished and 217,000 children are severely malnourished.Moreover, the assassination of the president in July, Jowen Moyes, did not contribute to the lack of even the slightest stability in the political arena.

Harrow Appreciates the “strength and resilience” of the population who “took the shovel and hands to remove the rocks”, “try to start again and rise from this dream”. However, at the same time it recognizes that “there is a limit to strength and there is a limit to human quality”.

UNICEF initially asked for $ 15 million to meet emergency needs, but this Friday the figure was raised to $ 73.3 million. You currently have less than 1% of this amount.


Harrow admits that no one is “ready” for situations like Haiti, despite having previous experience in responding to earthquakes already in this country and that humanitarian agents were particularly mobilized. For this reason, with a clear message to the international community, he asks that “people continue to help” because “more is needed”.

In this sense, it recognizes it Taliban insurgency in Afghanistan “Haiti’s tragedy forgotten”, further away from political and media center. The quake struck a day before the Taliban seized control of Kabul from an airport in the Afghan capital.

Now that “all eyes” seem to be on Afghanistan, UNICEF insists that the Haitian reconstruction will not come in weeks or months, it will take years. “We can never forget about Haiti,” warns its spokesman.

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