September 19, 2021

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Haitian lawyer issues new search warrants for assassination News

Port-au-Prince (Capital) Attorney Pete-Ford Claude on Tuesday issued five new search warrants against individuals allegedly linked to the July 7 events as part of an investigation into the assassination of Haitian President Jovanel Moss. .

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Haitian police have arrested officials involved in the killings

The search warrants were issued against Lin Baldasar, a member of Moss’ party; Paul Denis, leader of the Infosys party; Businessman Samir Handal, and religious leaders Gerald Patel and Gerard Forge. This includes the recently released action against Judge Wendell Cock Thilot.

While pointing out that these people are wanted for “murder, attempted murder, and armed assault on President Jovnell Moyes,” Claude stressed that “he is committed to taking the necessary steps to establish an investigation, trial, and justice.” , As stated in the order of birth.

For its part, the Haitian National Police (PNH) explained at a press conference that 44 people, including 12 policemen, have been arrested in connection with Moss’ murder, some directly involved, while others have different levels of responsibility before the truth.

At the moment, there are 18 Colombians in the group of prisoners, most of them retired military; And six Haitians, three of whom are of American descent. The brain-closing relationship of the massacre, Haitian doctor Christian Emmanuel Sanon.

PNH officials highlighted the seizure of 45 rifles, hundreds of ammunition and three grenades, which were searched at the presidential residence without facing opposition from security forces on the orders of 26 Colombian mercenaries. Belarus preserves it in Port-au-Prince.