September 19, 2021

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The National Director of Scientific and Technological Innovations and the National Director of Epidemiology of the Ministry of Public Health, along with the Dean of the Faculty of Mathematics and Computing at the University of Havana, will update the information in this Friday’s roundtable on COVID-19, with mathematical forecasts, current operating protocols and the progress of the vaccination process.

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What is the state of the world?

Dr. Francisco Duran Garcia, National Director of Epidemiology of the Ministry of Public Health (MINSAP), noted at the beginning of the TV show that we have already been facing the Govt-19 epidemic for a year and a half. “Many inquiries, the use of vaccines around the world, is a situation where the differences and statistics we know between countries in letters with purchasing power are not diminished,” he said.

To illustrate how the disease is progressing in the world, the doctor said yesterday, July 22, that a vaccinating country had the highest number of cases of Covid-19 in a single day, with 71,844 cases, followed by more than 69,000 in India, more than 54,000 in Brazil, and more than 49,000 in several days. It tops the list with more – and France with more than 43,000.

Despite new drugs and treatments, the disease is still untreatable and the death toll remains high. In one day, 1,449 people died in Indonesia, 1,388 in Brazil, 848 in India, 796 in Russia and 516 in South Africa. “It reflects how much the complex control of the disease has changed, including the introduction of new strains of the virus,” Dr. Duran said.

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If you look at the situation in the United States, in terms of the number of cases, deaths and deaths, the most affected countries are the United States, Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, Mexico, Peru, Canada and Chile..

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Duran Garcia explained that Cuba ranks 17th in the region in terms of the number of cases accumulated, with 316,383 infections; Only Venezuela is below this number. Commenting on the deaths, he said, “Although we are dissatisfied, the country is accumulating an index of 0.7%, while this figure is much higher than other countries in the region. For example, Peru 9.22%, Mexico 8.81, Ecuador 6.43, Paraguay 3.23, and so on.

Although the rates on the island are lower than in other parts of the world, the expert stressed that “they are high indicators for us.”

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