October 24, 2021

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“He should focus on the corrupt practices that involve him.” Cuba responds to Bolzano

Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez He asked Brazilian President Jair Bolsanaro needs to focus on the situation in his country due to the epidemic and the “corruption that involves him” rather than “overviewing Cuba”.

On Monday, Bolzano General In a tweet, he expressed his “all support and solidarity with the Cuban people (ரும்) who have been demanding an end to decades of brutal dictatorship”. Saw their freedom When selling the illusion of socialist paradise to the world.

This report comes later Demonstrations Last Sunday, US sanctions against the island intensified in various parts of Cuba in the wake of the country’s complex economic situation amid the corona virus crisis.

Corruption and epidemic

Faced with the reports, the Cuban foreign minister told the Brazilian president to “focus on the corrupt practices that involve him.” Investigation The federal police were opened to find out if Bolzano had committed the crime “in advance” by not filing a complaint Irregularities in the purchase of Indian vaccine covaxin.

Similarly, Rodriguez urged the president of Brazil “Fix your careless performance”, Which in his opinion contributed to the deaths of hundreds of thousands of Brazilians since Govt-19 and increased poverty.

In Brazil, 12.8% of the population lives below the poverty line. In August 2020, the figure was 4.5% due to government assistance for the epidemic, but this was reduced in April this year and this number has increased again.

The Brazilian president’s reputation has been declining in recent months as he manages an epidemic that has already caused more than 533,000 deaths in the country. In addition, the controversy that arose over the ‘Kovacs case’ led to the presentation of several political parties and different organizations a The charge is super demanding Against the President.

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