November 29, 2021

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Health officials have taken action to counter the new Govt-19 eruption in China

The new outbreak of COVID-19 in China has raised alarm among health officials in the country and prompted the implementation of drastic measures that would allow the virus to be tackled from a zero tolerance perspective, Reuters reported.

From October 17 to 29, the National Health Council (NHC) in Asia recorded 377 cases of infectious disease with confirmed symptoms in 14 provinces.

The city of Heihe, located on the Chinese side of the Amur River on the Russian border, with a population of 1.3 million, had nine local cases on October 27, nine the next day, and 26 on October 29.

The results of this virus sequence and the information provided by the patients show that the infection of the city of Heihe is not related to the current outbreak affecting northwestern China, indicating that it is a new source of the virus. Abroad.

In this situation, the authorities have demanded to be more vigilant around the border areas and ports to prevent the spread of the virus among the affected incoming passenger residents so that the current epidemics can be controlled quickly.

Wu Liangyo, an NHC official quoted by the British News Agency, told a news conference that China should further strengthen those at high risk of infection, especially at entry ports, and improve surveillance of potential explosions. The virus continues in neighboring countries.

Despite the latest report, China still maintains small statistics compared to the number of cases reported outside the country. The Asian giant has fully vaccinated 75.8% of its 1.4 billion population and given a booster dose to some adults, thanks to its zero tolerance policy, which has been largely controlled.

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