October 24, 2021

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Health professionals in the United States should repeal the Abortion Prevention Act – Diaryo Digital Nuestro Pass

Washington, Sept. 23 (Health experts in the United States today asked the Supreme Court for the second time to stop the challenge of the new Texas law restricting abortion.

The request comes three weeks after the Senate refused to block the order, following demands from women’s rights lawyers in the state.

Plaintiffs argued that Supreme Court judges’ arbitration was “urgently needed” as access to service in Texas had been reduced to the highest level since the regulatory law went into effect on Sept. 1.

Amy Hoxstrom, director of All Women’s Health, said that patients who come to us, women who say they can not leave the state to perform this procedure in other cities, should refuse to stop the pregnancy.

The expert leading one of the groups involved in the legal challenge said the mess should end.

The Texas law, known as the Heart Rate Act, prohibits abortion after detecting fetal heart function, which usually occurs within six weeks of pregnancy.

Prior to the enactment of the bill, plaintiffs and disqualification providers demanded that the Texas State Judiciary prevent the enforcement of the rule of law.

Defendants, who are government officials, asked the court to dismiss the case, alleging that the case against them was unacceptable.

Defendants will have to pay a minimum fine of $ 10,000 if the application is successful, while allowing any citizen to sue those who practice or support the practice.

State activists argue that the document violates the constitutional right to abortion, which was approved in 1973.

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