October 24, 2021

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Highlight Venezuela’s broader role in electoral simulation

Venezuela, Lessons, Simulation, Participation, Citizen Caracas, October 10 (Prinza Latina) Alexis Courter of the National Electoral Council (CNE) today highlighted the widespread participation of the Venezuelan people in the by-elections leading up to the November 21 regional election.
During a visit to Fedora Church in the state of Miranda, the official stressed, ‘We hope the people of Venezuela will provide great support and we will be very comfortable in this process. Voting was good at the polling stations we visited so far. ‘

Similarly, he said the voter feedback process is very fast.

With regard to the election schedule, Corredor noted that the CNE guarantees that every area can be viewed with full transparency, with full respect for constitutional rights and democracy.

For his part, Caracas candidate Admiral Carmen Melandes said the performance and organization of the entire organization, as well as the morale of the people, has been demonstrated during the exercise.

“This training will tell us how we are with the CNE and the various parties participating in these elections, their logistics, their organization, their mobilization,” he stressed. According to reports, the exercise continues normally and safely across the country.

Venezuela is holding elections on November 21 to elect 23 governors and 335 mayors of South America and members of regional legislative councils and municipal councils.

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