November 29, 2021

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Honduran organizations are condemning the irregularities facing the elections and urging the people to participate

Madrid, 10 November. (Europe Press) –

Political groups and organizations defending human rights have condemned the November 28 election as rigged, rigged, repressed and militarized.

From the Mesa Eleven de Diálogo Alternos movement, a group formed as a result of recorded protests in the country in 2018 and 2019, they were asked to participate in elections in a “massive” way to counter the “communalism” they promoted. President, Juan Orlando Hernandez.

The Honduras Forum on Foreign Debt and Development of Honduras (FOSDEH) has warned in a statement that there is “uncertainty” as electoral reforms have not been approved to guarantee election results. These reforms include holding a second round of elections and establishing a new regulation, among other things.

According to the forum, there has been a lack of information on the part of the National Electoral Council (CNE) on procurement, recruitment and spending in recent months. Moreover, the situation is difficult for civil society in verifying the functionality of biometric equipment for elections.

For its part, the UN has urged political groups to hold elections in an environment of “respect and tolerance.” The organization called on all Honduran actors to exercise their “civil and political rights under conditions of equality and non-discrimination.”

“To achieve this, it is essential that election campaigns be carried out within the framework of the country’s legal framework, with full respect for human dignity and human rights, avoiding hate speech and insult, misinformation and incitement to violence.”

It therefore urges candidates to “focus on putting forward proposals for the development and well-being of the country” and “abstain from any activity that violates or violates human rights and, in particular, political rights, fundamental freedoms and gender equality.”

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The UN has called for “continued work” to hold “peaceful, transparent, fair and inclusive elections in a manner that respects dialogue, coexistence and human rights.”

More than 5 million Hondurans have been invited to vote in the November general election, from which the new parliament and the next Honduran president will emerge.