September 19, 2021

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“I don’t want to live anymore”: Jeanine Cheese spreads a message a few days after he tried to harm himself in prison


25 ago 2021 05:11 GMT

Andean government minister Eduardo del Castillo announced last Saturday that Áñez had cut off his hand, but promised he was only “completely stable” and with “minor scratches”.

Bolivia’s real leader Jenny Zeiss released a message on Tuesday stating that he “does not want to live anymore”.

“I do not want to live anymore. I want my children to live. I don’t need any more drugs and I don’t know what they are. I ask my jailers to please tell me what I am taking, “he read in a post on his Twitter account.

In his post, the former president – who is incarcerated in the Miraflores Women’s Prison – promises that he is “very weak” and “permanently suffering”. She maintains that she “lives with caution, pain, and rest” because she does not know what they are going to do to her: “If they seduce her, poison her or change her without an unknown direction.”

Suicide attempt?

Last Saturday, Eduardo del Castillo, Minister of State for the Andes, Advertising He tried to injure himself by cutting off his hand, although he noted that his health was “completely stable”. “Small scratches”. “Relevant medical studies have been carried out at various health institutions in the La Paz Department, and all of them have all the important conditions to be kept in custody.

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After a self-harm attempt, the Bolivian prison regime Approved That A relative can spend the night with the former president In his cell, as well as the admission of a private clinical psychologist.

Similarly, Áñz was transferred to a hospital in the police capital this Tuesday for medical tests.

Doctors who examined her three times last week found the former president to have “high blood pressure” and “anxiety,” which was compounded by the increase in malnutrition with weight loss.

Arrangements for a possible escape plan?

Meanwhile, the Executive Committee of the Permanent Assembly of Human Rights of Bolivia (APDHB) Condemnation An escape plan is being prepared to expel Ease from the country this Tuesday.

The organization warned that various opposition leaders, including former presidents, would escape Carlos Mesa and George Guerrero; Governor of the Department of Santa Cruz, Luis Fernando Camacho; And Samuel Toria, The former running vice president of the real president.

  • After his arrest last March, Ease was charged Terrorist crimes, Treason and conspiracy, due to the events of November 2019, which ended with the conspiracy against Evo Morales.
  • Last week, the Bolivian Ministry of Public Works Given Before the Supreme Court (TSJ), a request was made to initiate a second trial against againstez for his responsibility in the Sahaba and Sengada massacres. Occurred On November 15 and 19, 2019 respectively