September 19, 2021

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Immigration Reform Priority; Meeting with Latinos

President Joe Biden on Tuesday reaffirmed his commitment to promoting short-term immigration reform that includes the path to citizenship for millions of undocumented immigrants, along with a spending bill that Democrats want to pass without Republican votes.

Biden received a dozen Latin leaders at the White House, with whom he addressed all of the economic and climate crisis since immigration, and voted for him at a lower rate than expected in the 2020 election in an effort to improve his relationship with Hispanics.

During the meeting, which lasted more than an hour and a half, Vice President Kamala Harris was also present. .

In a mechanism that allows the distribution of Republican votes, the Democrats – Biden’s party – have included a solution for the undocumented in the $ 3.5 trillion social spending package advertised in Congress.

“This year” for millions of people

Democrats’ proposal paves the way for citizenship for “dreamers” – young people who came to the country as children – millions of undocumented immigrants who were considered essential workers during epidemics, and the status of temporary protected beneficiaries (TPS).

Biden and Harris “have doubled their commitment to reaching the path of citizenship for millions of people during the reconciliation process,” said Lorella Breeley, co-chair of the Social Transformation Movement.

Speaking to reporters after the meeting, Breeley assured Biden that at this point, Biden understood that “a two-way street is not possible” to implement immigration reform, and that Democrats should do it alone.

“We need to make sure we legalize millions of people this year,” said the Peru-born activist, who came to the U.S. undocumented a few years ago and obtained U.S. citizenship.

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The Democratic majority in the House of Representatives wants to approve a $ 3.5 trillion package that includes immigration measures, with Congress giving the green light to a separate infrastructure investment plan, which is worth trillions of dollars and approved by the Senate this week.

However, some progressive lawmakers at the grassroots want both bills to be pushed at the same time, which will complicate the implementation of the landscape.

Convicts for “Title 42”

Although Latin leaders attending the White House on Tuesday celebrated Biden’s position on immigration reform, they criticized one of his policies on the Mexican border.

It’s about so-called heading 42, this Monday the Biden government extended indefinitely and allowed the immediate evacuation of most of the undocumented people coming to the border as they sought refuge in the Govt-19 epidemic. Refuge.

“We continue to make it clear to the President and Vice President that we do not support Chapter 42, and that (now former President Donald) the government must continue to reverse Trump’s policies,” Jess Morales Rocketto said. National Coalition of Domestic Workers.

Morales Rocketto, affiliated with the Family Together Organization, stressed the need for US policies at the border to be “safe, humane and respectful to every immigrant.”

Overall, however, those present at the meeting were satisfied and refrained from criticizing Biden, who thanked him for listening to his ideas four years later, when Trump was in power and many of his organizations did not have access to the White House.

“A new day has begun and we are delighted to work with this administration on important policies for our community,” said Natalie Royce of Latino Victory, chair of the Independent Democratic Party.

Ladinos and 2022

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The news Biden wanted to hear was that his team had stepped up contacts with Hispanics to strengthen the coalition ahead of the 2022 legislative elections, in which he hopes Democrats will improve their decisions among the Latin people.

Although Biden won the November election by a margin of nearly 20 points over Hispanics than Trump, now the former president has won 38% of Latin voters’ support, compared with 28% of Republicans in 2016, according to research pew.

That increase worries the White House, which is proposing to increase contacts with Latin leaders long before the 2022 elections.

For this reason, during Tuesday’s meeting, Biden spoke not only about immigration, but also about the efforts of several Republicans to control the economy, minority suffrage and the Govt-19 epidemic.

“Latin leaders are essential to vaccinating this country,” the president told reporters at the start of the meeting.

The meeting also aims to commemorate the second anniversary of El Paso in Texas, which killed 23 people and is the worst massacre of Hispanics in recent American history.

“The most dangerous terrorist threat to our country in recent years is domestic terrorism based on white supremacy. We must unite against this violence,” the president stressed.