October 24, 2021

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In the aftermath of the crisis in Nicaragua, Russia is backing Daniel Ortega – Europe – internationally

Foreign Minister of Russia Sergei Lavrov, On Monday, he condemned attempts by other countries to “interfere in Nicaraguan affairs” three months before the election in Central America.

We stand united in defending the freedom and sovereignty of Nicaragua. Like any other state, we categorically reject any attempt to interfere in the internal affairs of that country.Lavrov told a joint news conference with his Nicaraguan opponent, Denise Moncada.

Head of Russian Diplomacy He promised that the people of Nicaragua had a right and that they were “absolutely capable” of determining their own destiny. He also warned those who support “sanctions seeking to undermine the embargo.”
Nicaragua and other countries hope to provoke “massive discontent.”

Moncada described the conversation with Lavrov as “very positive” and “very helpful” and expressed “brotherly greetings” from the President of Nicaragua. Daniel Ortega. The Nicaraguan minister stressed that his visit was taking place on the 42nd anniversary of the victory of the Santinista Revolution and that both diplomats and their teams had celebrated “that memorable date”.

“We continue to strengthen relations and strategic relations between Nicaragua and Russia,” he said. Andl Government of Canada Last week, it imposed sanctions on 15 officials, including 15 officials of the Nicaraguan president and his daughter Camila Ordega Murillo, for failing to have economic relations with Canadian citizens.

Canada’s decision comes two days after the United States announced visa restrictions 100 members of the legislature, lawyers, judges and Other Nicaraguan judiciary officials are said to have destroyed democracy.

Ortega has been isolated by the US Commission on Human Rights (IACR) for crimes against humanity, following protests in which at least 328 people were killed in 2018, of which the president admits 200. Elections, to be held next 7 November, Ortega After ruling from 1979 to 1990, he seeks to extend the power he regained in 2007 for five years.

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