September 19, 2021

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Infection and Climate Focus UK G7 Summit

London-. Leaders of the Group of Seven (G7) will face today at a one-person summit focusing on seeking commitments to vaccinate the people of the world against Govt-19 and to combat climate change.

The first meeting of the presidents or prime ministers of Germany, Canada, the United States, France, Italy, Japan and the United Kingdom will be held until Sunday at a beach hotel in the English district of Cornwall, about 400 kilometers southwest of London.

According to the British government as the interim president of the camp, the rulers of the seven richest countries in the world will promise to provide one billion vaccines to the poorest countries.

To achieve that goal, the report further states that the G7 will also work to increase dose production.

For now, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who will be welcoming his guests this Friday at the Corbis Bay Hotel, has announced that the United Kingdom, which has already vaccinated more than 52 per cent of adults, will contribute 100 million doses next year.

The Conservative leader said at the start of the three-day summit that as a result of the success of our vaccination campaign, we are able to share some of our surpluses with other countries (vaccines) that they need.

Johnson said the government had purchased more than 400 million doses to vaccinate more than 66 million people, with the first tranche of five million to be delivered in September and the remaining 95 million by 2022.

The announcement by the British Prime Minister, who met with US President Joe Biden in Cornwall, came just hours after the United States announced a $ 500 million donation to underdeveloped countries.

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The United Kingdom, which hosts the United Nations Conference on Climate Change or COP26 next November, expects the remaining G7 members to take on tougher commitments to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions and secure their finances.

Camp relations with Russia and China, the other two heavyweights in international politics and the volatile situation in Ethiopia, Libya, Afghanistan and other countries will enter the agenda of the summit.

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