November 29, 2021

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It has been two years since the first corona virus infection in Wuhan

A day like this November 17, But two years ago, it started Wuhan The International spread The reason for the walk Corona virus, Which has left thousands Deceased All over the world. The other countries were just as stunned China They were built Hospitals Overnight, the city of Wuhan was confirmed The first positive for the corona virus. The first case involved a 55-year-old man from the southern Chinese province of Hubei. Since then, Virus It did not stop spreading.

First cases outside China

The The first case of the corona virus It took place on January 3, 2020 in Japan outside of China SpainThe first case was found on January 12th 2020, the date of the virus.

The condition is considered an ‘epidemic’

On March 11, 2020 World Health Organization Considering the situation Like an ‘epidemic’. It did so through a statement from its director: “The WHO We have been evaluating this eruption for the past few days and we are deeply concerned about the risk levels of spread and severity and the risk levels of inactivity. That’s why we decided to order Infectious status”. A few months later uncertainty and even fear of the people began because, as the WHO put it, “we have never seen International spread A. caused Corona virus. We have never seen an epidemic that can be controlled at once. ”

Alarm status in Spain

The Hospitals Our country, little by little, they were collapsing, so it had to take Activities To stop Expansion Of Virus. Very severe, the Alarm status notification Imprisonment in the country and citizens can leave their homes only to go to work or buy basic necessities in the case of essential staff.

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This is how The First moments A International spread It paralyzed the world for a few months and we are recovering a little bit from it.