January 26, 2021

Joe Biden has new secret service team amid concerns over Trump loyalty | American News

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Joe Biden is expected to secure covert service with a new group he is most familiar with, and amid concerns that some agents may replace him politically with Donald Trump.

In replacing the guard and the man to be guarded at the White House, Biden’s security profile will be subject to some staff changes, the Washington Post Announced Thursday.

Many “senior” secret service agents are ready to return to the Presidential Security Council, and Biden is well aware of these agents because they protected him and his family during his tenure as vice president, according to the article. In a statement By CNN, citing a law enforcement source.

Reassignments and promotions are common during periods of change between presidential administrations, and they are intended to increase comfort and trust between the president-elect and his bodyguards, who closely shadow the commander-in-chief, including personal moments and important discussions.

While staff changes are routine, several incidents are said to have escalated from Biden’s allies that some agents and officials may be loyal to Trump.

Some members of the president’s profile are said to have urged their colleagues not to wear masks during travels, for example – despite official guidance from the federal government in Covit-19 – that Trump despised wearing the mask and kept it out for months before seeing one in public. .

In what has been described as an “unprecedented” move, the Secret Service has allowed former details chairman Anthony Ornado to temporarily relinquish his role and serve as vice president of the White House.

Arnado was one of the organizers of the June photo shoot as Trump marched through Lafayette Square in Washington, D.C. with a Bible – after peaceful protesters were forced out of the area by troops on federal orders, causing a stir in political circles and the general public. .

Arnado helped organize several Trump campaign rallies, even when the Govt-19 was torn down across the United States and meetings were encouraged or banned altogether. In addition to members of the public, many members of the Secret Service abbreviated or exposed the corona virus.

The Secret Service declined to comment on the reports. Biden has had security details since March when he campaigned for the Democratic nomination.

Although the former vice president was given security details for six months after stepping down, he formally demanded the protection of the Secret Service after protesters rushed to the podium during a campaign rally, CNN reported.