January 19, 2021

Khalistan supporters in the United States destroyed a statue of Mahatma Gandhi during a struggle for the peasantry

In a shocking incident, Khalistan supporters desecrated a statue of Mahatma Gandhi in Washington on Sunday during a protest organized by Sikh-American youth in support of farmers fighting against farm laws in India. Hundreds of Sikhs from the Greater Washington DC area, Maryland and Virginia, as well as many states from New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Indiana, Ohio and North Carolina, marched to the Indian Embassy in Washington DC on Saturday.

Organizers of the peaceful protest claim that Khalistani separatists hijacked the protest and carried Khalistani flags with anti-India posters and banners. They pasted a Khalistani poster on the statue of Mahatma Gandhi and hoisted a Khalistani flag on it. According to the news agency PTI, another group of pro-Khalistan supporters hung a dummy of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s image on a rope around the neck of the statue.

It also came when President Donald Trump signed an executive order on June 26, which provides for up to 10 years in prison for destroying, damaging, destroying or cleaning a monument, monument or statue within the United States. Or destroys government property. This is the second time that the statue of Gandhi has been desecrated by criminals. The first such incident took place on June 2 and 3.

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The Indian Embassy condemns the incident

The Indian embassy condemned the mischievous act and said it was such a mischievous act by masked thugs as protesters against the universally respected icon for peace and justice. The embassy said it had registered a strong protest from US law enforcement agencies and was taking steps to have the State Department investigate the matter in advance and take action against the perpetrators under applicable law.

“The statue of Mahatma Gandhi in the Mahatma Gandhi Memorial Plaza in front of the embassy was vandalized by Khalistani elements. On December 12, 2020, the embassy masked this mischievous act as a protest against the world-renowned symbol of peace and justice.” The Indian embassy said in a statement.

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The struggle of the peasants continues

Rejecting the Centre’s proposed amendment to the Three Farm Laws, the farmers remained adamant on the demand for the complete repeal of the farm laws, saying there was ‘distrust’ on the part of the Modi government. Promising a written guarantee of a minimum support price (MSP), a 10-point proposal was sent to union leaders empowering states to enact legislation to prevent the misuse of trade records, the ongoing electricity bill tariffs and the blast fines rule farmers on the outskirts of Delhi The center has demanded that it suspend and resume the next round of talks. Farmers have approached the Supreme Court seeking retaliation for repealing the laws altogether and for a nationwide farm waiver.

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As the country reopened after being locked up, the Center announced three ordinances affecting agriculture. Under the amendment to the Essential Commodities Act, agricultural foods, including cereals, cooking oils, oilseeds, legumes, onions, and potatoes, are to be regulated. The Farmers’ Product Trade and Trade (Promotion and Facility) Act aims to create a better price perception for farmers by attracting investment – making the agricultural sector more competitive. It provided a framework for the protection and empowerment of farmers in relation to the sale and purchase of farm produce in violation of all state ABMC laws, under the Farmers (Empowerment and Protection) Agreement relating to the Price Guarantee and Farm Services Order 2020. The Punjab government has passed laws repealing the Centre’s laws.

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