October 24, 2021

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Kremlin: “Putin and Erdogan discussed the possibility of producing various parts of the S-400 in Turkey.”

In a related statement Meeting Kremlin spokesman between Turkish and Russian leaders Dmitry PeskovDuring talks between the Presidents of Turkey and Russia, Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Vladimir Putin, in Sochi, the two countries’ loyalty to Syrian regional agreements Idlip.

A Russian spokesman said in a statement on Wednesday that he had “emphasized the importance of implementing agreements in this area.”

Other topics include Afghanistan, Libya and Karabakh. In addition, the two leaders discussed work and the exchange of natural gas. Putin has praised the Turkish administration’s timely decisions on the project. Turkish stream“, He said.

Peskov added that at a time when natural gas prices and the energy market in Europe are rising, Turkey feels safe from such abrupt changes due to its current infrastructure.

The two leaders are on their agenda, the spokesman confirmed, the issue of expanding contacts related to the air defense system. S-400 And continuation of technical military cooperation.

“The probability of some parts of the S-400 being manufactured in Turkey has been observed.”

Peskov noted that “the United States has removed Turkey from the F-35 warplane program” and that the two leaders addressed the cooperation on air transport between Turkey and Russia.

Putin and Erdogan explored the big plans on the agenda of both countries. Exclusively, the continuation and completion of the construction work of the first unit The central atom in Aquila. The common tasks for our cooperation in developing a peaceful nuclear sector in Turkey and the construction of new units were discussed. They also touched on space cooperation and “arrangements for the Turkish astronaut, the issue mentioned by Putin.”

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The two leaders discussed the Govt-19 vaccine and stressed the need for the vaccine.