October 24, 2021

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Landslide Recovers reach areas previously inaccessible and restore confidence to family members

Rescue team on a search for survivors The Sampline Towers building collapses, And Surface, They were able to reach the underground parking areas of the building, Which was obtained with confidence.

Search and rescue teams continued their operations this Tuesday morning, but were forced to stop for about two hours in the afternoon due to lightning and some barometric pressure. Proximity to a tropical storm ElsaMiami-Tate Mayor Daniel Levine Kawa said.

However, the fact that the experts reached the underground parking lot has given hope to the families of the victims and the staff working there. It is hoped that once the debris blocking access is removed, there will be a clear picture of the gaps by some who are believed to be trapped in the June 24 landslide.

Surprising Mayor Charles Burkett told a news conference that the conditions under which rescue teams were currently operating were very favorable after the building was demolished.

“Now it is The damaged building is demolished, The site has a large number of search and rescue personnel … Heavy equipment can move around the site as needed. The immediate threat to that building was the removal of the dangerous situation where debris could fall, so we operate at 100% efficiency. I’m so excited about it, I suspect families too. “

“The team is now fully engaged and they can go to the whole site, which was previously very limited. The operation seems to be going very fast and will continue indefinitely for 24 hours until everyone is removed from that site.”

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Eric Sanchez, Redeemer of Latin Descent, Pointed out Telemundo Any related news will be communicated to the families of the victims. In addition, he promised that they would be proud of the work they do, emphasizing that their mission is to find living people.

Many relatives of the missing believe people are still alive behind the debris blocking access to the garage. “We believe they ran to the stairs or to the garage and got stuck there,” said a family member of one of the victims. Telemundo.

Rescue teams have so far removed more than 2,150 tonnes of concrete from the pile, which they are searching through the rubble, according to figures from Surbide Meyer.

“Unfortunately, bad weather has caused some temporary work breaks, especially (strike) lightning, which as you know (a situation) makes it unsafe to carry out search efforts. This prompts us to stop to protect the safety of our lifeguards,” he explained.

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