November 29, 2021

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Lopez Obrador confirmed that two immigrants had died in the incident

Mexican President Andres Manuel Lpez Obrador confirmed the deaths of two immigrants on Wednesday, when elements of the National Guard opened fire on a truck over the weekend in which 14 immigrants were traveling, which they intercepted on a rural road in the state. South from Chiapas

Lopez Obrador, who regretted the incident, said at his morning conference that he had instructed the Attorney General’s Office to make available the elements of the National Guard (GN) involved in the case “because two immigrants lost their lives”. Three more immigrants were injured in the incident.

The president did not provide details of when the deaths occurred or the identity and nationality of the deceased.

“There are other ways to stop lawbreakers,” Lopez Obrador said, questioning whether immigrants were “shot by the National Guard.”

“They did nothing but rush quickly without stopping in front of the National Guard patrol. They did not shoot, they did not attack, the guards fired, it should not be done, ”he added.

The case of the immigrants, who was initially in the hands of the Chiapas Public Ministry, was referred to the Attorney General’s Office of the Republic, where elements of the National Guard involved in the act were “identified as effective subjects.” Deserving murder, hence the jurisdiction of the case is federal.

The National Guard admitted in a statement earlier this week that members of the organization had shot dead a truck with 14 immigrants to avoid the checkpoint. According to the report, the troops reportedly opened fire when the vehicle attempted to collide with them and saw that their integrity was in danger.

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People from Cuba and Ghana, including two boys, were traveling in the van. A federal authority said all of the dead and wounded were Cubans.

The driver was handed over to a lawyer, the injured were taken to hospital and the survivors were taken into custody by authorities who are said to be victims of human trafficking. The body of one of the dead, a Cuban man, was found in the back of a pickup truck with gunshot wounds, according to information from the Associated Press.

According to the prosecutor’s office, the truck had a long rifle and a charger. None of that detail was mentioned in the explanation given by the National Guard to the media. He did not mention seeing anyone armed in the truck or being shot. He said his staff, weapons and equipment were in the full possession of investigators.

One person familiar with the investigation said the surviving immigrants had stated in their confessions that no one was armed in the vehicle in which they were traveling. However, photos in the interrogation folder show the dead immigrant with a face mask and a long gun under his body.

The incident took place in a livestock area, and these days the area closest to where the migrant caravan passes is a no-man’s land, although those involved in the deadly incident were not part of the group of a few thousand that left in October. 23, Dabachula, almost walking towards Mexico City on the border with Guatemala

According to the National Guard explanation on Monday, three vehicles skipped a security check in the area and agents went in search of them. On a dirt road, the guard was confronted by one of the trucks, which did not heed the order to stop and “tried to hit the organs.” Agents “saw their integrity in immediate danger and fired their weapons to stop the vehicle.” The driver and passengers tried to escape but to no avail.

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The National Human Rights Commission – which monitors the actions of public officials – has launched an investigation into what happened.