September 19, 2021

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Lula advocates for the unity of Democrats for the good of Brazil – Escompre

From August 15 to 26, Lula will tour the Northeast of the South American giant, leading all the polls leading up to next year’s election exhibition.

“We can not lose hope that all of us will create a better Brazil,” Lula stressed. (Photo: PL)

Former President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva asked this Monday in Fortaleza, the capital of the state of Sierra (Northeast), that all Democrats are seeking unity for the good of Brazil and are mired in political crisis.

“Democrats in this country have a responsibility and a challenge to restore civilization in Brazilian politics for the benefit of Brazil,” the founder of the Labor Party (PT) wrote on social networking site Twitter about the meeting. Senator Tasso Jerisatti.

Sources close to the meeting noted that Lula and Jericho had addressed strategies aimed at the 2022 elections and ways to confront the government of Jair Bolsanaro.

Important conversation with Senator tassojereissati today in Fortaleza. At the center of the debate is Democracy, ‘stifling the former Labor leader on the digital platform.

Critic of the federal administration, the Member of Parliament is a member of the Senatorial Commission, which has administered 574,848 lives and affected 20 million 583,994 people against the government administration against Govt-19.

In June, Jericho denounced that all ICC inquiries involved Bolzano.

According to the official BT website, Lula did not miss the meeting with representatives of social movements and artists.

“This is an opportunity I have to learn,” the former union leader explained at the most recent meetings in Sierra Leone on Saturday.

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From August 15 to 26, Lula, who will lead all the polls leading up to next year’s election exhibition, will travel through the Northeast to re-launch the era of growth and social development.

Unfortunately, the coup in 2016 interrupted a moral cycle. Investments have been suspended, important work has been halted, and Piauí and Northeastern Brazil have been re-run by the current misguided government as part of a second division, ‘he denounced.

He noted that the Northeast “wants to regain its status in the national arena, and that is for sure. That is why today the Brazilians want to oust Bolzano from the presidency.”

In a video addressed to residents of the area, the former president promised to address the potential for improvement and development of the area during exchanges with companies, leaders, community movements and businessmen.

“We can not lose hope of building a better Brazil for all of us,” he stressed.

During his tour, Lula traveled to the states of Bernambuco, Piau and Maranho. He will be in Giara until tomorrow, after which he will travel via Rio Grande do Norde and on August 25 and 26 he will stay in Bahia, the final point of his tour.