October 24, 2021

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Marches and events at the opening of the Constitutional Conference in Chile – Brenza Latin

From those places, the majority went with those who marched to the former National Congress in the center of the city, where at 10:00 local time, the inaugural meeting is scheduled in the gardens of the sign building.

At the invitation of social organizations and constituency committees, the meetings were a demonstration of support for the conference, which for the first time in history would allow a constitution to be drafted in a democratic way.

The conveners’ aim was to ’round up the masses with sessions’, and insisted that key demands to change the new liberal model created by the 1980 constitution imposed by the dictatorship of Augusto Pinochet should be reflected in the new basic law.

From Chile to the historic day for the new constitution

Despite the cold of this winter morning, hundreds of people who support the popular vote, who voted overwhelmingly in the May 15 and 16 elections, gathered in the central plaza Baguetano and were baptized as de la Dignitad during the October 2019 popular uprising. .

Precisely, most of the blocks on that list came from demonstrations on that iconic esplanade.

At the very beginning, representatives of the Mapuche people held a ceremony in the symbol of Cerro Houlin (Santa Lucia), while the regular Quetuos came to the Plaza de Armas with the same purpose.

Representatives of the Aymara people did the same, but outside the Pereira Palace, one of the headquarters of the convention.

In all cases they were intimate ceremonies expressing with rituals common to each community, the desire that the sessions would be fruitful in creating a basic framework that would mark the emergence of a new and pluralistic Chile.

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Demands for amnesty for political prisoners of the uprising and for justice for victims of state violence were also in different concentrations.

Similarly, members of the Socialist Party gathered at the base of the monument, at the Plaza de la Constitution, to pay homage to him, and representatives of Frendo Amblio gathered at another landmark, the Plaza Junge. Of the city.

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