November 29, 2021

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Miami police are searching for the man who fell off a Sunny Islands bridge in a car crash

Miami-Date County police are searching for the man who crashed into a car off the bridge at Sunny Isles Beach.

At 10:50 a.m. Friday night, a driver got out of his car to test the engine.

At the time, he jumped into another car, which struck him on the side of the bridge, police said.

A witness to the events told the newspaper Local 10 News The man was attacked and went to the side of the bridge on the Sunny Islands beach.

The search began immediately as the helicopter illuminated the water around 163rd Street, while ground police filmed around the base of the bridge.

Agents continued the search on Saturday morning and by boat until Saturday morning, but so far the object has not been found, the news agency said.

According to authorities, it is not known whether the driver who attacked the person was at the scene or escaped.

Local10 Pictures of a black Ferrari believed to be the car driven by the missing person; A white Maserati appeared to be damaged when it was near the scene.

The identity of the person who ran away is not yet known.

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