September 19, 2021

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Military maneuvers confirmed in Tajikistan in the face of Afghan situation – Brenza Latin

The Russian military has previously said that more than 1,500 Russian, Uzbek and Tajik soldiers will conduct military exercises at the Harp-Maiden training ground in southern Tajikistan, 20 kilometers from the Afghan border, from August 5 to 10.

‘Our collaboration is growing very successfully. We are conducting a major complex exercise with Tajikistan in relation to the growing threats, ‘the Russian headline said in the capital, Dass News.

During a meeting with Tajikistan’s Defense Minister Shirali Mirzo, Shoaib explained that his country’s forces would first carry out maneuvers with Uzbeks and then conduct three exercises in Russia, Uzbekistan and Tajikistan.

He warned that “a wide range of security risks and threats are being created,” which is being discussed at the Joint Security Agreement (CSTO) and the Shanghai Cooperation Organization.

He said in both contexts the CSDO is analyzing possible decisions and appropriate measures to guarantee the security of the territories of the countries, especially the border between Tajikistan and Afghanistan.

During the meeting with Mirzo, Shoik commented that they discussed security and military technical cooperation in Central Asia, taking into account that the challenges on these issues affect not only bilateral relations, but all border states.

The Russian Defense Minister pointed out that Moscow had recorded the movements of militants of the Islamic State (IS) terrorist group into Afghanistan from various countries, including Syria and Libya.

In this regard, he warned that Russian base 201, located in Tajikistan, would provide military assistance to the Central Asian nation if its security was threatened by Afghanistan.

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“To maintain stability and peace in the region, one of the CSTO members in Central Asia has the base 201,” the senior military leader explained.

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