September 19, 2021

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Millions of people are trapped in China to fight the delta variant of the corona virus

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Beijing Airport (AFP)

Millions of people were locked in their homes in China on Monday as the country tries to control the biggest corona virus outbreak in months with the biggest tests and travel restrictions.

China on Monday announced 55 new cases of the domestically spreading corona virus. The rapid spread of the delta variant has already reached more than 20 cities and a dozen provinces.

Local governments in major cities, including Beijing, have searched millions of residents, cordoned off residential areas and isolated victims’ contacts.

The city of Zhuzhou (center) in Hunan province on Monday ordered more than 1.2 million people to stay home in severe isolation for the next three days, while a campaign of trials and vaccinations across the city, an official report said.

“The situation is worse and more complicated,” the Zuzo government said.

Beijing has so far been able to reduce local cases to practically zero. But the latest eruption was linked to the eruption in Nanjing, where nine cleaners at the international airport tested positive on July 20, causing more than 360 cases in the past two weeks.

In Zhangjiajie, a resort town near Juzhou, there was an explosion among supporters of a theater last month, after which they brought the virus home across the country.

Zhangjiajie closed its 1.5 million population on Friday.

As part of that, Beijing prevented tourists from entering during summer travel.

Only “essential travelers” with negative tests will be allowed into Beijing after some cases are discovered among residents returning from Zhangjiajim.

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New cases were reported Monday in the new tourist destination of Hainan and the flood-hit province of Henan, officials said.