January 27, 2021

More arrests as videos reveal details

On Jan. 9, U.S. law enforcement arrested more people involved in the Capitol siege that struck the United States earlier this week, as more videos provided details of the event. Among those detained was a picture of the House snatching the speaker’s lecturer, while another was seen wearing a painted face and ornate clothes. The “attempted coup” by the New York governor led to the deaths of five people and the arrest of more than 50 Trump supporters.

According to a report Associated Press, A bloody officer was crushed on the doorstep, forcing lawmakers to go undercover and vice president Mike Pence to safety. Another officer entered the crowd after slapping the body from behind. In addition to police personnel, members of the media were harassed and moved against walls.

New detentions

One of the detainees, Jacob Anthony Chansley, stormed the Capitol compound with a painted face and wore a fancy dress that included a horned fur hat. He has been charged with a number of offenses, including violent entry into the Capitol grounds and disorderly conduct. Chandeli is now being held in custody in Arizona.

Another man, Adam Johnson, who was photographed with a lecturer by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi during the chaos, was arrested on Jan. 8 on a federal warrant. He is currently out on bail in Phineas County, Florida. It is not yet clear whether H has a lawyer.

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On January 6, the Capitol building was locked and police moved in with guns as Vice President Mike Pence and lawmakers were evacuated to safer locations. National Guard troops were stopped and a curfew order was called throughout the city after noon. Congress seat for several hours. According to the latest inputs, four people were killed.

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Unrest erupted as a joint meeting of Congress was convened to confirm Biden’s election victory against President Donald Trump. But in anticipation of that happening, thousands of pro-Trump protesters gathered outside the Capitol. The mob was eventually evicted from the building and Congress moved to resume certification. Biden stopped accusing Trump of treason, but said what happened was “the boundaries of treason.”

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