October 28, 2021

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Most people hospitalized with Govit-19 in the United Kingdom are vaccinated – Brenza Latin

At a press conference with Prime Minister Boris Johnson this Monday, the expert explained that the data are not surprising because vaccines are not one hundred percent effective against the SARS-CoV-2 corona virus.

They are very, very effective, but not 100 per cent, and on the same day the UK abolished the mandatory use of masks and social distance, the government insisted as part of its decision to return to normalcy.

In this regard, the official warned that deregulation would inevitably lead to an increase in hospitalizations and deaths, although not reached, the levels of previous waves.

Hospital admissions are expected to exceed 1,000 per day and more than 100 deaths.

Johnson, for his part, supported the decision to end the restrictions, but declined to confirm that the move was irreversible.

We can not guarantee that the route map for getting out of prison will not change, the conservative ruler acknowledged, noting that it is necessary to respond to the new variants of Govt-19.

He backed Vaccine Minister Nadeem Zahawi, announcing that only those who show evidence of being fully immunized until this September will be able to enter the nightclubs that reopened this Monday.

I do not want them to close again (clubs), but they have to act with social responsibility, Johnson noted, despite being vaccinated voluntarily in the UK.

According to the official report, 39,950 new positive cases and 19 deaths have been confirmed in the UK for Govt-19 this Monday, with more than 4,000 patients in hospitals with symptoms of the disease.

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So far, 36 million people, equivalent to 68.5 percent of the country’s 53 million adults, have completed vaccination with the two recommended doses.

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